Unable to automatically connect to OVPN on startup

Hi there.

I’m trying to achieve the solution described here: Automatically Connect to VPN on startup

I have successfully imported my VPN’s configuration files in Network Settings, which works perfectly, but I’m unable to check the “Automatically connect to VPN” checkbox when looking at my standard wired connection (not the VPN connection).

I navigate to the connection’s screen. If I try to tick the checkbox the window remains where it is for half a second and then just closes, along with the Network Connections window which I have to open before that particular connection’s window. I can open them both back up without problem and tinker with the other settings. I can also reboot and find the other settings remain as they were. It’s just this one setting that doesn’t like me apparently.

Is this a bug? I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything.

As you seem to be on Cinnamon, and not Gnome,

  • try creating a new user and see if it works there
  • If it doesn’t, I would file a bug with the Cinnamon team upstream because that seems indeed to be a bug.

  • If it would work under a new user, try the old user first too again,
  • if it only works under user #2, give me a shout.


Hey sorry I actually just finished up moving to KDE. I was wanting to see if their HiDPI support had got better (yup!) and this was the push that sent me to spending my day moving over. Anyway on KDE it seems to work perfectly.

(sorry to future browsers searching for an answer here!)

I can’t really select a solution so I’ll just let the thread close. But thank you for your reply.

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Cheers, and thanks for all the great work you’re doing on this forum! I actually work as tech support in another field so I’m not the person who needs to hear these explanations (but fair enough for selecting my comment as the solution) – you’re doing wonderful work!

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I used to be Tech support for 2500 users while also being the developer and the technical writer, so I hear ya!


P.S. And I’m on KDE too so IMNSHO, that is a solution! :joy:

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