uMatrix help please

@TriMoon Please can you help with this forefox adon

Use uBlock Origin for the easy adblock solution.

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Sure ask what you want to know.

@chomsky this thread is not about what is easier to use or better…
If we go that road see: [HowTo] DNS based advertising filter using Bind9


Thanks for your advice .

MY problem is that we have a very slow wifi 2mbps .and we are using the wifi from the will this add on make youtube load faster .?

It will allow you to block content that you don’t need for a certain website.

To make any website load faster i would advice you to start with:

This will make your browser use local files for the most used frameworks that are used on the web instead of loading them over the internet every time a webpage asks for them.
It’s like a persistent local cache for those CDN files…

If that does not make your YouTube webpage load fast enough, we could try uMatrix to block other content that is not required for the proper operation of YouTube…

Also when you mention “Faster” please explain what part you refer to.
Webpage loading is something different as the loading of a Video…


Awesome thanks thats great ill download Decentraleyes .By faster i guess i mean to load the movie faster .so it dosnt keep buffer.

ok ive added that add on ill try the youtube now.

The only way to improve that is to use lower quality videos…
Because you can’t completely read a book without having all pages can you, neither can a computer show you a video without all the data of that video…

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Yep i get that thanks for your help much appreciated .movie time .Cheers.

I’ll remember this explanation for future use. It’s absolutely brilliant, thanks!


Update seems to load faster .Watched a movie last night in 720p and it just kept playing .so i think that the few firefox you tube add ons i installed and Decentraleyes have done the job .But i would like you to help me block other content that is not required for the proper operation of YouTube…

what extensions all do you have installed?

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Study this wiki:

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You Tube control center,ublock origin,Decentreyes,

Thanks but i cant see were net requests is

Hmm not sure what ive done now youtube wont load .

i just disabled umatrix it seems to be working now .@trimoon please

You should use either ublock Origin OR uMatrix, not both at same time because they will interfere with each other…
As you know i prefer uMatrix because it gives you more control :wink:
(eg. finegrained control of cookies, images, media, scripts, frames etc etc)

You should start by studing some info at the link @tuxmanjarino gave above in reply 14.
Once you get familiar with how uMatrix works we can start discussing what to block or allow etc :wink:

PS: Keep in mind my local time which is shown when you click my avatar, im human with real life also :wink:

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Ok that makes seance now .I will learn more about uMatrix from @tuxmanjarino .And yes i know we all have normal lives to i dont expect an immediate reply Thankyou for helping.Just a question for now is it safe to just not tinker with umatrix and just let it run in the background.?