[Tutorial] Managing fonts

Date: December 25, 2023 7:25 AM

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ (I don’t find it difficult. But then, I like using the terminal…)

Tons of fonts get installed on Linux systems and that makes the font scroll list in editors or word processors painfully long. Then I found a solution using ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf, thanks to CMarch on the Endeavour OS forum:

Also see:
Whitelist and blacklist fonts.

This solution is easy to implement, can be easily modified, and can be used over and over. A benefit is the fonts are not deleted, they just don’t show up in your user session.

Edit your ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf file and:

  1. Put the fonts you do not want to see in the <rejectfont> section.
  2. Put any fonts from the above rejection groups that you might want to keep in the <acceptfont> section.
  3. Fonts not added to the <rejectfont> section will not be affected.

My ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf, as example:

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'urn:fontconfig:fonts.dtd'>

    Added by Mirdarthos, to hide some of the fonts.
    End of Mirdarthos' edits


There was a lot of things already in the file, I just left everything as-is and added the <selectfont></selectfont> section at the end of the file inside the <fontconfig></fontconfig> section.

Note #2:

As this is in your $HOME directory, please remember that it will not affect other users, current or future.


If you use Plasma desktop, this can be easily done via Plasma Font Management interface, you can disable personal fonts for current user, or system fonts for all users


If someone has a issue with missing icon fonts, see the solution: :point_down:


Wow, that’s tasty.

Amazing that I hated this issue for quite a while now.

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