TTYescape for Manjaro and Arch for the Pinephone

TTYescape has been really nice to play with on PostmarketOS, but I wanted to use it on Arch and Manjaro, so here it is, TTYescape packages for Arch/Manjaro. I’ve currently got a pull request going for the Arch Linux OS here, and have also tested on Manjaro. They work pretty well.

I’ve built the packages and they’re here: alarm files

Steps to test this out:

  • Download or build the packages yourself
  • Install the packages - pacman -U <packages> (for ttyescape, triggerhappy, and buffyboard; you should not need to install hkdm)
  • run sudo systemctl enable triggerhappy.socket triggerhappy.service
  • remove the bootsplash - sudo pacman -R bootsplash-theme-manjaro is the only way I know how to do it. I think you’ll have to regenerate your initramfs after that too, with sudo mkinitcpio -p linux-pinephone
  • reboot

On reboot to test it out:

  • hold Volume Down key and tap Power key (I think I made the default 1 or 2) times, let go of Volume Down key
  • you should see tty2 with a large font and a keyboard (if the font isn’t large, repeat the previous step, twice)

Here’s a video showing it in action for those who don’t want to click through.

Of course you should not run this on your production device because it might break stuff. Feedback is appreciated.