Trying to make Manjaro more stable and user friendly

With Steam Deck arriving, Arch will get some visibility. When newcomers to linux realize they don’t want to go through the hassle of learning to install Arch, they’ll probably turn to Manjaro. Which, in my opinion, might make Manjaro the “new Ubuntu/Linux Mint”, the new face of linux distributions for new Linux users and average pc users.

Pacman seems a lot less prone to problems with dependencies, such as what happened with Linus (from Linus Tech Tips) using apt on Pop!_OS, and that helps a lot. But while traditional packaging uses less disk space and gives Manjaro maintainers more control on how these packages are themed and how software is built, we know it still has a greater chance of introducing instability. Mainly in a rolling release system.

That said, I believe it would be very interesting if Pamac GUI would prioritize displaying flatpaks and, dare I say it, snaps first - and, if the user knows what they’re doing, they could maybe even disable that in Pamac settings. Something “”“similar”"" to Fedora Silverblue’s idea (I know, I’m pushing it). Providing apps mainly through flatpaks and snaps and trying not to mess with the base system.

Another idea that might be interesting is to bring back the linux-lts and or linux-latest metapackages.

Hope you guys like the idea! :slight_smile:


God no.

There are some rumblings about some manjaro editions that will attempt to emulate silverblue or be snap-centric. But at the point that is the general makeup of manjaro linux, that is the point where I would no longer be a manjaro user. Same goes for any concepts about removing pacman.

As an option? Eh, sure… gross to me … but sure, why not.


Thanks for pointing that out. And yes we are working on a pacman-less version with focus on flatpaks. We will go the similar approach as with steamdeck and have partnered up with other developers to achieve that mid stay tuned for more news on that matter.


So your idea is:

  1. Let updates rolling
  2. Install with universal package managers extra load of libs to make number 1 senseless.

That makes no sense on a rolling release. Why should it be rolling, if you use anyway other system libs of SNAP and FLATPAK?

No offence, but why are you again on a rolling release model? Because of popularity?

At least AppImages would make sense, because they are just binaries and run everywhere (if created and tested properly). Nothing needs to be installed.

My decision is firm after time: No SNAP or FLATPAK on my Manjaro Installation ever. Snaps only on Ubuntu and Flatpak only on Fedora. Period. They can have their new fancy package manager. The future will be sort of AppImages, maybe not at this stage.

Let it stay as a option, don’t make it the default. Please :pleading_face:


The classic approach via pacman will stay as it will still be the base to generate the base image on which the universal software stack will be based on. Most likely you will find initial efforts for our mobile devices first, before we port it over to desktop.

With Pamac we already have an apt like syntax to make it easier for beginners not to learn the cryptic of pacman. Making universal apps first will depend on which image you will install as it will depend if a classic package manager will work in the new approach or not. Fedora uses ostree to achieve that. We are still looking into available tech for our approach…


Personally I find pamac a better package manager than pacman, its always managed to resolve any decency issues. I understand utilising flatpak for phones makes a lot of sense, just hope manjaro gets the balance right and doesn’t lose its identity


Why prioritize the display of one install method over another when All list everything except AUR and you can simply click AUR on the left to search and see those packages. Al on the left you can narrow you search by clicking Repositories, Flatpak, Snap, etc… Simply why add a feature that’s not needed?


Well that’s not a very positive way to look at things. “Why improve something if it works already” is certainly a philosophy that keeps things running, but it’s pretty pessimistic to say that what it is currently is the best it can ever possibly be. I personally don’t see how additional sorting options would ruin anything if they were displayed in a way that doesn’t make the current experience worse.

Which to be fair, can be really hard to do, but still. Features should not come “as needed” for something designed to make things simpler and easier to use like a GUI. By that logic, pamac itself isn’t “needed” and should be removed from manjaro, as people can just use Pacman, or Yay. (yes that’s simplifying things but you get the point)


No thanks.


Nope. Nah. Nah uh. That’s not why I have Manjaro. Tried it. Didn’t like it. Stopped it. My Manjaro isn’t a ship to be filled with containers.


All this proves that one person’s heaven is another’s hell…


True, and you can use/try the other person’s hell, so it is an option. But it’s not forced on you.

Like with the rest of Manjaro, you are in control of your own syatem.


I’m happy with Manjaro and Pamac the way they are but if any major changes happen and I’m sure they will in time as mirdarthos posted were in control to set our systems up any way we choose.


i have issues with everyone treating “linus installing linux” being the new benchmark for what other linux noobies go through installing linux.

for a tech kid growing up in the 90s some decisions made were questionable. must not forget its “linus media group”, everything is scripted.


You weren’t asking for additional sorting options. You SPECIFICALLY ask for Flatpaks and Snaps to be show cased. Give me a Pacman or Yay GUI to check updates before installing them from the terminal and I MIGHT think about dropping Pamac. It’s not my post that makes no sense, but rather

Er, I wasn’t asking for anything. Not the OP here.

Manjaro: molehill edition?



(With due respect) Well then, what is the point of using an arch based lean distro when one wants to strip off everything that makes it Manjaro!
It is great if the flatpak centric version, if made, remains as option, just an option anyone can choose. But as default - no, please no. :pleading_face:


Think the theory behind it is probably to make an alternative os for steam deck. I would imagine steam deck will be running a none rolling release of arch

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This is when I really miss some sort of project plan, that indicates where Manjaro is going and what to expect in the near future. We get tidbits here and there in this forum, but it certainly adds a layer of uncertainty and complexity.