Trouble Understanding Tiling in Manjaro GNOME Layout-Switcher

Hello Manjaro community,

I’m experiencing some difficulty understanding the “Tiling” feature in the Manjaro Linux GNOME Desktop Environment. After enabling it using the Layout-Switcher, I’ve seen no discernible changes in my desktop layout or window management or any other aspect of the interface. This is the case even after logging out and back in, restarting my system, and clicking on “Reload Desktop” in the Layout-Switcher.

I’ve reviewed several resources, including the official Manjaro, Arch Linux, and GNOME websites, but couldn’t find clear instructions about the tiling environment. I also found a Manjaro forum post discussing the implementation of the tiling feature, but it didn’t provide a detailed explanation of its usage.

While exploring further, I came across an older post suggesting that Material Shell might need to be enabled for the tiling feature to work. However, there’s no mention of Material Shell in the Layout-Switcher, and I’m not sure whether I want to enable it.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? How can I use the “Tiling” feature? Is the tiling option always tied to Material Shell, or is it supposed to function independently? I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance you could provide.

Thank you in advance!

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Make sure you have the GNOME Shell Extensions installed for the chosen layout. They are optional dependencies:

Optional Deps   : gnome-shell-extension-arc-menu: Traditional & Tiling layout
                  gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock: Manjaro layout
                  gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel: Traditional layout
                  gnome-shell-extension-forge: Tiling layout
                  gnome-shell-extension-gnome-ui-tune: Manjaro, Traditional & Tiling layouts
                  gnome-shell-extension-space-bar: Tiling layout
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Hello Yochanan,

First off, I want to thank you for your helpful response to my issue with the tiling layout. Unfortunately, the topic was automatically closed, so I can’t reply in the thread any more.

After following your advice, I have successfully installed the following GNOME Shell Extensions for the tiling layout:

1. gnome-shell-extension-arc-menu
2. gnome-shell-extension-forge
3. gnome-shell-extension-gnome-ui-tune
4. gnome-shell-extension-space-bar

Everything is working smoothly now!

Is it accurate to say that the Layout Switcher is essentially a shortcut to toggle the respective GNOME Shell Extensions on and off?

Additionally - since I dislike asking unnecessary questions - I’d like to know if I could have found this information by myself and just overlooked it. Is this written somewhere on the forum, wiki, docs or the mini-tutorials?

Again, thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated!

I reopened the topic and moved your post here.


Not exactly. However, with the latest changes I created a post about it: