Tiling Option on Layouts Switcher


Good Morning Community, I am feeling generous today and thought maybe it might be nice to learn something new. I thought I could give a try to the Tiling option on the Layouts Switcher. Sadly, I did not find a list of options for the command needed to move around from my keyboard.

Does anybody know how to go about that?

Thank you in advance for your kind answer.


Open Extensions and click the gear icon next to Material Shell to open it’s settings. Then choose the Hotkeys panel.

See also the Material Shell documentation:


I love it, but sadly the tile option has a bug. :frowning: I am using an 2nd monitor and 15 to 20 seconds into using tiles DE the screens, both, go black like to a console. I had to unplug the 2nd monitor. I have a Lepow portable monitor, and the tiles DE was working fine.

Sadly, now tiles is not giving me the option to turn back to regular gnome, but I’ll figure that out. Thank you. :smiley:

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