Trouble installing headers - manjaro arm kde plasma 20.12

trying to install these headers linux-headers-5.9.13-1, to install a driver

when i type sudo pacman -S linux-headers , it tries to fully update the header to 5.11. instead of giving me the multiple choice to select the header of my choice. why is it doing this? someone help!!

Kernel 5.9 is EOL and is no longer supported in Manjaro ARM, so there are no headers for this kernel. Also you don’t have choice because Manjaro ARM doesn’t support multiple kernels. So you should fully update your system and use 5.11 kernel and headers.

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ok, i will try full upgrade then driver install. thank you.


that solved that issue. but… after upgrading i lose my audio.
is their a way i can upgrade, but omit anything that has to do with the audio.
that way the kernel and header are both updated and synced
(i can install my driver) and i still have my audio when all is said and done. once again, thanks


basically i need to update the kernel, and nothing else if that is possible, install header, install driver…
keep sound. capeesh lol

sorry bro’… my itallian sucks as well :wink:

anytime i do a full upgrade i lose my sound.
i try pulseaudio -k to squash it and jumpstart it but nothing.
just wunna figure out how to upgrade my kernel/headers. and retain audio.
i refuse to accept defeat. manjaro is sleek, clean… i mean utterly gorgeous -
polished perfection. so streamlined, so responsive. i want this os in all of it’s glory bro’
gotta have sound.

don’t even know if it has wayland support, which would usually be a deal breaker.
i don’t even care. i love this os, i am determined to rock it.