Today X wont start

My system was updated 2 days ago. It worked, it was OK through 2 days.
Today X wont start. Everything is OK until the GUI requires my password. When I entered the password the system went crazy. The screen became black and showed only the mouse cursor.
That would be OK-ish because in normal circumstances after few seconds the GUI desktop appears.
But now there is no progress or change, and I can hear as the laptop fan accelerated and become much more louder.

In my laptop there is a backup system installed on the other disk. I am writing this using that.
How could detect what is the source of this issue? What is the solution?

I don’t know if cinnamon is still current with you or you use something else, but maybe this will help.

Hi admdb,
Thanks for the quick reply. I do know there is no .zprofile in my system.
How should i do this check:
Check ~/.profile for any commands that don’t execute properly (but return non-zero exit code instead).

Notice that now I am using the backup system.

Here is an addendum to the symptoms.
At the login screen I tried to start the console with Alt+Ctrl+F2.
The issue was the same.

Thank you, nice description.

I do think there maybe an issue with cinnamon. I didn’t think anything of it but yesterday my laptop failed to wake from suspended and had to force restart the laptop. Also Vivaldi wouldn’t open properly it was all garbled until I logged out and back in again. Thought it was just me so if it happens again I’ll post in this thread with some logs

I checked there is no sddm installed, so downgrading is not a solution.

sudo pacman -Qi sddm
error: package ‘sddm’ was not found

As I know Cinnamon uses lightdm.

Yesterday I did a system update.
Unfortunately starting the X after login, brought the same result.