Today upgrade killed my KDE

Just before some minutes I start a Manjaro-Update (big one).
And it destroy my KDE.

  • KDE Menu Button is available, but only has two entries “Last opened files” and “Energy-Setting”
  • If I open the KRunner and type in any application name, it won’t be shown. For example if I type in “Brave” the application didn’t appear, only the default-entry “Execute ” make it possible to start an Application

If I do right click on menu-icon in the Kicker and choose “Edit Menu-Entries” nothing happend.
If I change to an alternate Menu-Type, it switch, but they are all empty

Any idea how to fix? Which file to load from a backup to repair?

BTW: The Update freeze on updating electron25


Thanks, you save my day. :heart: :laughing:


BTW: Are you sure you need electron25?
It is an AUR package. And it will take ~40G of memory to compile.
If you do need it for some reason it mgiht be easier to use electron25-bin.