Tips for maintaining multiple Manjaro systems

Are there any tips for how to make it easier to update/maintain multiple Manjaro systems? I have 3 laptops and 2 desktops in the family in my home and 1 laptop and 1 desktop with my parents across town. That’s a total of 7 computers.

Making time to sit down in front of each one to make updates isn’t real convenient. I have a slow connection at 30Mbps at home.

I have an Ubuntu server running at home, but I’m not sure if it will allow me to help facilitate updates or not

Thanks for any tips


Hi @saltymedic,

Have a look at pacserve (Seen here)

Hope this helps!

Several topics touch the subject on how to centralise or create off-line repo to update your systems

I do my updates via ssh (even inhouse)

with “kitty”

Thanks for the tips

It seems that I have read some discussions that say that using pacserve is not a good idea. Just want to make sure I’m not setting myself up for failures. I tried it a while back and it didn’t work. I must have messed something up. I will try it again.

I can see how you can just ssh into each machine and update from there. However, other people’s machines aren’t always turned on. It would be nice if they were downloading packages locally automatically while turned on and then update when I tell it to. I realize that turning on someone’s machine remotely is a whole other discussion.

I know you can ssh in and use pacman -Syyu to update for packages that are in the repositories, but how do you update when you have things installed on various machines from the AUR, such as google-chrome? I’m used to using pamac to update those packages.



There are AUR helpers that enable you to keep a local repository. Perhaps, the repo in turn could be the local package cache mirror, e.g. resolvable to a path on your ubuntu server. So, you’d package the new chrome into that path and the other clients look there for new releases in your local aur repo. Have a look at this BBS post for an example of an aurutils cache dir/local repo.