Timeshift - Selected Timeshot device is not a system disk

I’m horribly amateur at this … so apologies.

SO in order to adhere to some advice elsewhere in these forums - I need to back up my current Manjaro system - specifically i want to be able to return to todays setup - Kernel 5.10 and a working CUDA graphics card.

I’ve got a new Wifi card - and its driver is 5.9 & relevent headers - but there’s a community version in AUR that might work … I want to try that - but have the safety net of going back to todays working setup if not happy - therefore Timeshift.

I have a spare 500gb harddrive hardswitched in my machine.
I want to make it my Timeshift Drive - plus a data back up location for /home

I tried to do Timeshift - it failed with :“Selected Timeshot device is not a system disk.”

All i want to do is format this drive - it was a Windows drive, but no need to worry about its data -100% format is fine.
For the life of me i cant find any guidance on how to do that.
This is not my Manjaro system drive - its a spare 500gb HDD that I want to make use of -not an external USB drive.

I’ve booted into a live usb (admittedly not manjaro) and have GParted - deleted existing partitions and made a new btrfs partition called Timeshifts - but Timeshift doesnt like it. (This is a seperate drive to my 1TB Manjaro SSD)

can anyone point me in the right direction please ?

Thanks everyone ,


Sounds like you need this:

The tutorial uses borg for data backup, but you could still use Timeshift as a data backup tool, but not a single warm on-line Bacup program has the restore versatility of any cold off-line backup program and I’ve been restoring systems successfully for 30+ years now…