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I don’t understand the Timeshift filter instructions despite having read many articles for several hours. I need to find out the default settings but have been unable to do so. I have tried uninstalling Timeshift but I guess uninstalling doesn’t delete all the related configuration files because when I re-install it after logging out and back in, it still remembers everything from before so I cannot get back to the default settings. The way I have it now, it never backs anything up, probably because everything is filtered out. I have no idea how or when this happened but I would like to get back to being able to make a snapshot once a day and keeping 5 on hand like I used to always have but haven’t been able to get there.

Could some kind soul please tell me what the default filter and User settings are in Timeshift?

Default timeshift settings are in /etc/timeshift/default.json – at least in Manjaro. This file may be differ between Linux distributions, but all configs based on default config from github.

here i included pictures of the default settings

and here’s the Timeshift home page for more info:

Thank you very much. They were different. As soon as I put them into the default settings, the program started a backup.

Thanks! I searched for Timeshift default settings all over the web, but didn’t think to search for it in my own computer!

I read that thread and came away entirely confused by the lengthy discussions I couldn’t understand and also didn’t gather that the photos showed defaults. In any case, I found the defaults and all is well. I wish I could understand the Timeshift filer rules but I think I just don’t have enough computer vocabulary. For example, having read many, many times, I still don’t know what ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ actually mean in terms of what happens, nor the list in the summary which explains that + means include and - means exclude but I don’t see either + or - in the list so have no idea what it’s telling me.

That’s okay. I made peace sometime back that without taking a course and dedicating serious time to understanding how Linux (and computer software in general) works, that I would be a low-skills user. Pity, because I don’t mind fiddling around; I just can never understand a word of the instructions so unless they show things in an extremely clear step by step way with a related example, it’s all gobbledygook.

Thanks anyway.

Just know that /root folder is not /, the latter of which is what we might normally call the “root” file system.

Thus while the system stuff in / is backed up, the default setting is to exclude a few specific sub folders within /, ie the home directories and the contents of /root.

maybe indeed those pictures aren’t the default setting you see after you first open this program,but are the basic recommended ones buy the developer.

it wasn’t easy for me either to find easy to understand instructions for timeshift when i wanted to start using it;
but i settled on the recommeded ones which i suppose backup my system which i suppose is under /root,
and also my programs personnal settings which i suppose are the hidden files in my home directory,while excluding stuff like pictures videos etc.
the + and - gives you the possibility to include or exclude folders in the in those chosen directories(/root and home).

I would like to kindly point out that there is no :white_check_mark:solution to be seen in Post # 3, that led to the problem that the TO could not do a general backup…
Cause he said: “The way I have it now, it never backs anything up…”

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