Three dot squares in boot up

hello i this three dot squares keep showing for upto 5 seconds in boot up?

it didnt have problem on fedora but with kde manjaro its showing its just make the boot up slow

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I love Manjaro,

I can confirm that the grub boot up shows my HP logo in the center of the screen for about for about 5 seconds or so, then it disappears and 3 dots are shown in my upper left side of the screen. I use KDE manjaro. This has happened for a while. I don’t think it makes my boot up slower. Just an annoyance mainly.

If any one has a tip appreciate it!


I think you can disable “show logo on boot” or something similar in your bios and you might be able to see a little more info.

Thanks for the reply, though I haven’t got a “show logo on boot” in my bios or anything similar on my laptop.

Some other information is : that on shutdown everything works as it should. You see the “hp” logo. Three pulsating dots underneath. And at the bottom the beautiful manjaro logo.

If only the same would happen on the boot up process as well.

This sounds like it is related to Plymouth and its relation to video drivers? If I recall, a possible solution was to edit mkinitcpio.conf and add the video (i915 or whatever video you have) to Modules for early load and then regenerate ( sudo mkinitcpio -P ). Personally, I have removed Plymouth entirely as I did not want or need it. It would be a good idea here to post a full inxi output. Take a look at the following: