Thinkpad Helix 1st Generation, several configuration issues

recently installed manjaro (gnome) on a thinkpad helix 1st Generation.
For configuration I mostly followed
(I cannot post links so I replaced the dots (’.’) by minus (’-’)

I got several issues I could not solve so far and would very much appreciate advice.

1./ onboard keyboard is not shown completely (lower half of the lowest row of keys is missing - often not allways, on the login-screen for example it is entirely visible)

2/ input of the onboard-keyboard is not always ‘taken’. E.g. if I press ‘super’ and then click into the search-box the onboard-keyboard becomes visible, but the text i type does not appear in the textbox.
Also usage for login is not possible (the only key that reacts is ‘return’)

3./ Trouble with the Keboard dock docking/undocking.
when undocking and redocking, the trackpoint and the touchpad of the keyboard do not ‘work’ anymore (sometimes the keyboard itself as well)

This is the output of xinput list (keyboard docked), don’t know, whether it might help…

|⎡ Virtual core pointer                    |id=2|[master pointer  (3)]|
|⎜   ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer              |id=4|[slave  pointer  (2)]|
|⎜   ↳ Atmel Atmel maXTouch Digitizer          |id=10|[slave  pointer  (2)]|
|⎜   ↳ Synaptics TM2219-002                    |id=14|[slave  pointer  (2)]|
|⎜   ↳ TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint                   |id=15|[slave  pointer  (2)]|
|⎜   ↳ Wacom ISDv4 EC Pen stylus               |id=16|[slave  pointer  (2)]|
|⎜   ↳ Wacom ISDv4 EC Pen eraser               |id=17|[slave  pointer  (2)]|
|⎣ Virtual core keyboard                   |id=3|[master keyboard (2)]|
|    ↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard             |id=5|[slave  keyboard (3)]|
|    ↳ Power Button                            |id=6|[slave  keyboard (3)]|
|    ↳ Video Bus                               |id=7|[slave  keyboard (3)]|
|    ↳ Integrated Camera: Integrated C         |id=8|[slave  keyboard (3)]|
|    ↳ Integrated Rear Camera                  |id=9|[slave  keyboard (3)]|
|    ↳ Atmel Atmel maXTouch Digitizer          |id=11|[slave  keyboard (3)]|
|    ↳ AT Translated Set 2 keyboard            |id=12|[slave  keyboard (3)]|
|    ↳ ThinkPad Extra Buttons                  |id=13|[slave  keyboard (3)]|

I experimentally switched to wayland.
That made issues one and two go away.

A possible approach to ‘solve’ issue three seems to be to unload and load the kernelmodul psmouse .