Theta guardian node

I have an app image launcher (from official repositories) and I downloaded the Theta guardian node mage, now when I open the image it is stopped on node creation and doesn’t go further. Can somebody help with it?

Hey, I can’t follow what your problem is, what application package are you having trouble with?

Have you asked the people who made de package?

Certain services like appimage and flatpak does not always work OOB.

Theta is not a known application neither by flatpak or AUR - you may need to consult the developers of the said application.

If there is no installation instructions for Arch based systems then you are on your own.

If you installed the services as a part of the installation of a package depending on appimage or flatpak you may need to restart/reboot your system.

Then - after a reboot - you may need additional steps provided by launching the script for the app.

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I push the button to create a node (after typing in the password) and it doesn’t move forward= it is stuck. And it has an AppImage extension from here:
And the guide:


I’ve never had to install a appimage, so I’m on thin ice here. Not much talk on the forum on it either. How to use .AppImage on Manjaro (Arch based Linux)?

The only thing I can think of is if you start the application from the terminal does it output something that could give you a lead to what is wrong .

Maybe check out for some help on getting it running on a arch based distro, there is a arch logo on the site. Ask around the theta universe for some help with this? There are probably alot of technicaly minded people involved who can help you.

Other then this I cannot be of help to you .