"The process for the filenamesearch protocol died unexpectedly"(since last update)

i tried searching something in Dolphin under “/” and get the error above.
under Home it works fine.

kdeinit5[22262]: QWidget: Cannot create a QWidget without QApplication
systemd-coredump[22274]: Process 22262 (filenamesearch.) of user 1000 dumped core.
                                              Stack trace of thread 22262:
                                              #0  0x00007f1364ea8ef5 raise (libc.so.6 + 0x3cef5)
                                              #1  0x00007f1364e92862 abort (libc.so.6 + 0x26862)
                                              #2  0x00007f13650c99ac _ZNK14QMessageLogger5fatalEPKcz (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x909ac)
                                              #3  0x00007f136468ce3d n/a (libQt5Widgets.so.5 + 0x14ee3d)
                                              #4  0x00007f136489b4a2 _ZN7QDialogC1EP7QWidget6QFlagsIN2Qt10WindowTypeEE (libQt5Widgets.so.5 + 0x35d4a2)
                                              #5  0x00007f136091cc11 _ZN11KMessageBox10messageBoxEP7QWidgetNS_10DialogTypeERK7QStringS5_RK8KGuiItemS8_S8_S5_6QFlagsIN>
                                              #6  0x00007f13609bf154 n/a (libKF5JobWidgets.so.5 + 0x10154)
                                              #7  0x00007f136531c322 _ZN7QObject5eventEP6QEvent (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2e3322)
                                              #8  0x00007f13652ef7f0 _ZN16QCoreApplication15notifyInternal2EP7QObjectP6QEvent (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2b67f0)
                                              #9  0x00007f13652f2313 _ZN23QCoreApplicationPrivate16sendPostedEventsEP7QObjectiP11QThreadData (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2b9>
                                              #10 0x00007f1365348ce4 n/a (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x30fce4)
                                              #11 0x00007f13639bd02c g_main_context_dispatch (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0x5402c)
                                              #12 0x00007f1363a10b59 n/a (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0xa7b59)
                                              #13 0x00007f13639ba781 g_main_context_iteration (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0x51781)
                                              #14 0x00007f1365348321 _ZN20QEventDispatcherGlib13processEventsE6QFlagsIN10QEventLoop17ProcessEventsFlagEE (libQt5Core.>
                                              #15 0x00007f13652ee17c _ZN10QEventLoop4execE6QFlagsINS_17ProcessEventsFlagEE (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2b517c)
                                              #16 0x00007f1365e98900 n/a (filenamesearch.so + 0x4900)
                                              #17 0x00007f1365e98b96 n/a (filenamesearch.so + 0x4b96)
                                              #18 0x00007f1365e98f28 n/a (filenamesearch.so + 0x4f28)
                                              #19 0x00007f136160f93f _ZN3KIO9SlaveBase8dispatchEiRK10QByteArray (libKF5KIOCore.so.5 + 0x8893f)
                                              #20 0x00007f1361610436 _ZN3KIO9SlaveBase12dispatchLoopEv (libKF5KIOCore.so.5 + 0x89436)
                                              #21 0x00007f1365e99116 kdemain (filenamesearch.so + 0x5116)
                                              #22 0x000056513dae45bd n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x75bd)
                                              #23 0x000056513dae5a59 n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x8a59)
                                              #24 0x000056513dae6237 n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x9237)
                                              #25 0x000056513dae1b54 n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x4b54)
                                              #26 0x00007f1364e93b25 __libc_start_main (libc.so.6 + 0x27b25)
                                              #27 0x000056513dae26be n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x56be)
                                              Stack trace of thread 22263:
                                              #0  0x00007f1364f6037f __poll (libc.so.6 + 0xf437f)
                                              #1  0x00007f1363a10ae8 n/a (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0xa7ae8)
                                              #2  0x00007f13639ba781 g_main_context_iteration (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0x51781)
                                              #3  0x00007f1365348321 _ZN20QEventDispatcherGlib13processEventsE6QFlagsIN10QEventLoop17ProcessEventsFlagEE (libQt5Core.>
                                              #4  0x00007f13652ee17c _ZN10QEventLoop4execE6QFlagsINS_17ProcessEventsFlagEE (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2b517c)
                                              #5  0x00007f1365105ea2 _ZN7QThread4execEv (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0xccea2)
                                              #6  0x00007f136122c098 n/a (libQt5DBus.so.5 + 0x17098)
                                              #7  0x00007f136510708f n/a (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0xce08f)
                                              #8  0x00007f1364526299 start_thread (libpthread.so.0 + 0x9299)
                                              #9  0x00007f1364f6b053 __clone (libc.so.6 + 0xff053)
░░ Subject: Process 22262 (filenamesearch.) dumped core
░░ Defined-By: systemd
░░ Support: https://forum.manjaro.org/c/support
░░ Documentation: man:core(5)
░░ Process 22262 (filenamesearch.) crashed and dumped core.
░░ This usually indicates a programming error in the crashing program and
░░ should be reported to its vendor as a bug.

a reported bug from a few days ago:
and a report on reddit too.

and this

so i guess i’ll wait?

That’s a coredump, so yes, wait for that to be solved.

While waiting, you can do the following:

pamac install mlocate
sudo updatedb
locate NameOfFileYouWantToLocate

and after the bug gets fixed:

pamac remove mlocate



i just checked after this last update,and the issue hasn’t been fixed yet(for me).


Thank you for asking the question linub, I am experiencing the same issue as well…

Process 462036 (filenamesearch.) of user 1000 dumped core.

Stack trace of thread 462036:
#0  0x00007ff755688d22 raise (libc.so.6 + 0x3cd22)
#1  0x00007ff755672862 abort (libc.so.6 + 0x26862)
#2  0x00007ff7558a8910 _ZNK14QMessageLogger5fatalEPKcz (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x90910)
#3  0x00007ff754e00fff n/a (libQt5Widgets.so.5 + 0x14efff)
#4  0x00007ff7550201a2 _ZN7QDialogC1EP7QWidget6QFlagsIN2Qt10WindowTypeEE (libQt5Widgets.so.5 + 0x36e1a2)
#5  0x00007ff750d1837e _ZN11KMessageBox10messageBoxEP7QWidgetNS_10DialogTypeERK7QStringS5_RK8KGuiItemS8_S8_S5_6QFlagsINS_6OptionEE (libKF5WidgetsAddons.so.5 + 0xcb37e)
#6  0x00007ff750dc1578 n/a (libKF5JobWidgets.so.5 + 0x10578)
#7  0x00007ff755afe4ff _ZN7QObject5eventEP6QEvent (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2e64ff)
#8  0x00007ff755ad1378 _ZN16QCoreApplication15notifyInternal2EP7QObjectP6QEvent (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2b9378)
#9  0x00007ff755ad44a9 _ZN23QCoreApplicationPrivate16sendPostedEventsEP7QObjectiP11QThreadData (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2bc4a9)
#10 0x00007ff755b2a9a4 n/a (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x3129a4)
#11 0x00007ff7540f910c g_main_context_dispatch (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0x5410c)
#12 0x00007ff75414cb99 n/a (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0xa7b99)
#13 0x00007ff7540f6871 g_main_context_iteration (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0x51871)
#14 0x00007ff755b29fd6 _ZN20QEventDispatcherGlib13processEventsE6QFlagsIN10QEventLoop17ProcessEventsFlagEE (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x311fd6)
#15 0x00007ff755acfd1c _ZN10QEventLoop4execE6QFlagsINS_17ProcessEventsFlagEE (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2b7d1c)
#16 0x00007ff756690beb n/a (filenamesearch.so + 0x4beb)
#17 0x00007ff756690eed n/a (filenamesearch.so + 0x4eed)
#18 0x00007ff756691453 n/a (filenamesearch.so + 0x5453)
#19 0x00007ff751ab6f5f _ZN3KIO9SlaveBase8dispatchEiRK10QByteArray (libKF5KIOCore.so.5 + 0x92f5f)
#20 0x00007ff751ab7a76 _ZN3KIO9SlaveBase12dispatchLoopEv (libKF5KIOCore.so.5 + 0x93a76)
#21 0x00007ff75669177c kdemain (filenamesearch.so + 0x577c)
#22 0x00005628ecdedcad n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x7cad)
#23 0x00005628ecdef501 n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x9501)
#24 0x00005628ecdefbf9 n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x9bf9)
#25 0x00005628ecdeab33 n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x4b33)
#26 0x00007ff755673b25 __libc_start_main (libc.so.6 + 0x27b25)
#27 0x00005628ecdeb6be n/a (kdeinit5 + 0x56be)

Stack trace of thread 462037:
#0  0x00007ff75573fb2f __poll (libc.so.6 + 0xf3b2f)
#1  0x00007ff75414cb29 n/a (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0xa7b29)
#2  0x00007ff7540f6871 g_main_context_iteration (libglib-2.0.so.0 + 0x51871)
#3  0x00007ff755b29fd6 _ZN20QEventDispatcherGlib13processEventsE6QFlagsIN10QEventLoop17ProcessEventsFlagEE (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x311fd6)
#4  0x00007ff755acfd1c _ZN10QEventLoop4execE6QFlagsINS_17ProcessEventsFlagEE (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2b7d1c)
#5  0x00007ff7558e4e12 _ZN7QThread4execEv (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0xcce12)
#6  0x00007ff75167bae8 n/a (libQt5DBus.so.5 + 0x15ae8)
#7  0x00007ff7558e5fef n/a (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0xcdfef)
#8  0x00007ff754c9a259 start_thread (libpthread.so.0 + 0x9259)
#9  0x00007ff75574a5e3 __clone (libc.so.6 + 0xfe5e3)

And thank you for the workaround Fabby!

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KDE bug tracker claims it was fixed in kio 5.83, but it still happens in 5.84 :frowning:


I just noticed another alternative app loaded by default in Manjaro KDE Plasma… KFind

I’m not sure that it loads a database like mlocate for performance… seems like it’s crawling the file structure as it searches… but does have a GUI if that’s a nice feature to have. And as you can see it has no issues searching outside the HOME folder.


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