The cursor abruptly navigates to the upper-left corner, causing the screen to flicker and behave erratically

Hello fellow Manjaro GNOME users, I’m currently facing a recurring challenge with my Lenovo IdeaPad3 running Manjaro GNOME. The issue involves intermittent system freezes that disrupt my workflow, making the interface unresponsive and necessitating a manual restart. This problem has not only impacted my overall user experience but has also resulted in significant setbacks, including missing out on a crucial interview. I’m reaching out to the community for assistance in resolving this issue promptly. Any insights or guidance would be greatly appreciated as I work towards restoring stability and reliability to my system. Thank you in advance for your help!

Upper left corner is likely defined as a hot spot corner - disable - and you will likely solve the issue.

Where do I find the hot spot corner and disable it? Is it the Hot Corner in the Multitasking tab in General settings? Thanks in advance

I don’t know - I suggest an internet search for keywords [gnome 45 disable hotspot corner].

One of the results is [Chapter 3. Disabling the hot corner functionality on GNOME Shell Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 | Red Hat Customer Portal]

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Disabling Hot corner functionality probably won’t stop the mouse cursor jumping to the corner, in the first place, though.

Someone please help me with this because it becoming worse, I have taken 7 minutes with 10 restarts to write this. Urgent help is needed here

What sort of computer do you have?

Laptop or Desktop?

Does the Mouse cursor behave this way when the Mouse is removed (unplugged)?

I have a laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 3. Yes, the cursor behaves that way with or without the mouse.

Does it behave that way when you boot from a USB Drive with a different OS, say Manjaro KDE or even ubuntu or Linux Mint, or even the Install media you used?

Check this out:

I haven’t tried a different OS, I felt that there is a solution around it.

What does that sentence mean?

Are you saying the problem is fixed, and it was a Hardware issue?

No, the problem is not solved. Right now its frequency of occurrence has just reduced. What I meant by the above sentence is that I haven’t tried a different Manjaro edition like KDE, XFCE, … This is because I believe I can find a solution to this GNOME edition I’m using. I also shared the above link with you, this to see if you can maybe understand something from it and share some recommendations that might help me here

I had a similar problem and in my case it was a hardware problem: Mouse cursor jumps to left edge of the screen after today's system update Would really advise to test a Windows install on the machine.

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Have you already tried cleaning your touchpad?

Especially the edges. A crumb that gets stuck under the edge can trigger exactly this behavior.


P.S. 97% sure it is hardware !

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So have you tried other OSs, like Manjaro KDE, or Ubuntu, or Linux Mint to see if it does the same thing with them?

From what I can see you have not tried even the most basic of fault finding, even when others have suggested methods of doing so.

So am I., but we will never know for certain, unless the OP does some basic elimination testing.

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