The current status of firefox-kde-opensuse


when is update for kde-firefox-opensuse coming.

firefox-kde-opensuse advice please.
KDE integration with (regular) Firefox
Firefox update didn't solve disabled add-ons!

It's not, I was politely asked to cease and desist.


so the package is dead.


That would be an affirmative.


I'll still maintain my version.

But why aren't you continuing? A legal issue or just fed up?


The former.


Hmm can you explain further? I don't want to have the same problem...



Ok, so no problem for distributing modified source then.
Or I can just change icons/logo/name.
This has been Mozilla's policy for years.


well reading that feels so much restricted and i dont think thats any way open.
ohh i just skipped some part.
so basically removing Mozilla trademark.
allows you to redistribute how you want it.
and i still think even Changing sourcecode needs their permission.
and thats again no way open.


Mozilla has always been protecting their trademarks.
Just look at all the derivatives like Waterfox etc.

Just to be sure I'll still stop distributing binaries, although I'm not too concerned about cease-and-desist letters.

Still wonder why Manjaro can redistribute Arch's Firefox then...


The way I would read that is you need their permission to use their trademarks with modified source code. Not that changing the source requires their permission.


What isn't quite clear to me is whether it concerns just the redistribution of binaries or also of the source in the Arch form of PKGBUILD+patches?

PS: since when are you a Team member? Congrats :wink:

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Not if the patches come from mozilla, especially bug fix and/or backport patches.
But any modifications to the source, and/or application of third party patches that change functionality would not be OK.


In this case, you aren't distributing firefox at all, are you? You are distributing patches and the end-user is downloading the source from Mozilla and applying your patches.


then distribution of binary with those patches is not allowed :thinking:


Hmmm...don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of them since the BSD flap, but isn't this no different than what palemoon does protecting their 'trademark' (albeit less vocal)?


Glad I saw this @AJSlye @torvic

.. I was just waiting patiently for firefox-kde-opensuse .

Oh well.

The replacement is easy and even picks up profile and addons, so now that I know there wont be kde and switched everything is fine.


I'll still maintain firefox-kde, but just to be sure I cannot provide binaries anymore.

PS: you're a mod too? wow. I missed everything. What about me? :slight_smile:


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