The battery percentage of connected bluetooth devices is not showing in Energy Section or "Battery and Brightness" in KDE?

I cannot see the battery percentage of the Bluetooth devices in the Manjaro KDE plasma. I referred this thread. But I cannot see the battery percentage of Bluetooth devices in both the energy section and battery and brightness widget. Please help me.


Can you check this and see if it helps you?
I can’t check it as my battery level is already visible (Logitech M336).

Yes, I connected my Mouse (logitech M557) and it is showing the battery percentage. But it is not showing for Bluetooth headsets.

It seems like a pretty common problem with Bluetooth headsets. Just for testing connected my BT headset (Boat) - same issue.
It looks like from other threads that the bluetooth headsets do not support GATT (dont tell the connected device ‘status’ of battery etc)