The 4 seasons - Icon themes for Gnome, Deepin and Budgie DE

Version 1.5

Added: Dropbox, dust3D, Duskplayer, electorrent, scummvm, uget, popcorn time, powermanga,
Added: nootka, freetube, EVE, fuse, figma
Fixed some mimetypes icons
Fixed some status icons

Also Beta version of Autumn Icon Set is out: Autumn - Icon set for Deepin -
It’s reverse of black and white of Spring.

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What do you think of a black/purple design of the icon theme?

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This weekend, Spring and Autumn icon set will get an update. Also introducing a new icon theme called “Winter”.
Winter is completely colorless.


Released it bit ealier than expected. You’ll find the icon theme here:

For Spring version 1.6 is out:

And for Autumn hits v1.0

Winter veersion 1.0 will be released this weekend.

In the meanwhile here’s some shots of Summer.


I have released 4 icon themes for Deepin DE. They are called Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
When the summer comes out of Beta, I’ll port the icon themes to KDE.
Winter is now version 1.0.

NOTE: I have updated the original post.

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Huge updates between Christmas and new year eve.

The packages mime type icons getting and overhaul and will look like this:

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Huge updates (version 2.0 now) to all the 4 icons sets.

Grab’em before your grandma!!!

Version 2.1

All mimetypes icons redone
Libre Office icons redone
Fixed: font alignment in the icons
Fixed: Deepin browser
Added many more mimetype icons
Added: Krita, Red Eclipse, Rider, xonotic,
Added: Open Arena, wolfram language, wolfram mathematica,
Added: Wolfram Player, Musescore, Deepin Mail,

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Version 2.2

Added: elementary OS support for winter
Added: Deepin Defender, Deepin Diskmanager, Tilda,
Added: aeskulap, amsynth, boinc, itch, nut store,
Added: Texmaker, Focuswriter, Pitivi, FF Multiconverter,
Added: Python, Redshift, ExpanDrive, Cinelerra, Flowblade,
Added more mimetype icons

An alpha releasse of spring for Budgie DE is available for testing purpose. Get it here:
and download b-spring.

I’ve been working all night to get Spring and Autumn ready for Budgie DE and now they are! Please bug report/request icons etc. to improve it!

(b)Spring v.2.3 - Spring - Icon set for Deepin/eOS/Budgie -
(b)Autumn v.2.3 - Autumn - Icon set for Deepin/eOS/Budgie -

In theory the Budgie version should work well with Gnome (anyone want to test it?).

I have install Manjaro Gnome in vbox. It seems a little work is needed, but not much is needed. So I guess I can add Gnome support.

Version 2.3 is out! Spring and Autumn got Gnome support!!!

Alot of icons got new colors
Recolor some of Device Icons
New Scanner, Firefox, Deepin Draw, Gimp, Inkscape icons,
Added: Deepin Downloader,
Added: Transmission, Tilix, Rhythmbox, gnome aisleriot,
Added: gnome Sudoku, Celluloid, Geary, gnome Mahjongg,
Added: gnome Mines, MPV,

Full function Manjaro Gnome (installation, no vm this time).

Next update will contain the last two themes for Budgie. I’m having some trouble with Gnome themes regarding folders I have to take care off before releasing the last two for Gnomes.

Version 2.4 is out!
All 4 seasons is Budgie supported.
Winter Gnome is withdrawn due to some horrorendous scalling on Gnome’s part. Will add it again when the bug is fixed.