The 4 seasons - Icon themes for Gnome, Deepin and Budgie DE


I have released 4 icon themes for Deepin DE. They are called Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
When the summer comes out of Beta, I’ll port the icon themes to KDE.


If it will work with KDE, I can test.

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Sounds good. :slight_smile: But don’t expect a lot of KDE icon changes as I made the DDE specific apps first.
Tomorrow version 0.2 will be ready.

Version 0.2 is out for testing. Many new icons (mimetypes).

I tried it lot of system icons are missing for KDE and i feel the icons need a bit more contrast and sharpness.When the icons are small they are not very clear atleast on my SD laptop display.

Thanks. There will come 16x16 px of the icons, but for now I’m concentrating adding scaling .svg files.

V. 0.3 will support dark mode.

Ouuuu, fancy!:relieved:

They are pretty! :smiley:

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Version 1.0 is out!

version 1.0

Spring is now full Dark Mode compatible
Added a few extra mimetypes icons
Added: KiCad,FreeCAD,magemagick,playonlinux,simplenote,teams,teamviewer,viber,wechat,wewechat,wine,discord,eclipse,blender
Added: Manjaro logo
changed some of the existing icons
Fixed: Crossover Office icons

It seems that KDE is drawing the icons from 24 px folder which contain fixed pngs. As far I know I need to tell kde to use the .svg files — I must study how they other themers do that.

Try this setting files: Dropbox - index.theme - Simplify your life

version 1.1

EXTRA/BONUS icons: Lightworks (need to be installed manually)
EXTRA/BONUS icons: Davinci Resolve (need to be installed manually)
Added: AcetoneISO, waterfox, kodi, timeshift, telegram, astromenace, visualVM, Alien Arena,
Added: Stellarium, teamspeak, synaptic, pycharm, handbrake
Steam Games: Stellaris, Iratus - Lord of the Dead, Crusader Kings 2, Crusader Kings 3
Steam Games: Xcom1, Xcom2, Legend of Keepers, Bard’s Tale 4, Pillars of Eternity 1 + 2
Fixed broken DVD icon
changed some of the existing icons

version 1.2

Added: audacity, amarok, Any Desk, Stacer,Black Magic Fusion, LibrePCB, fritzing, Alva
Added: FreeOffice, OnlyOffice, qbittorrent
Added: Emblems (71+)
Added: Some Status Icons
Steam Games: Kingdom - Two Crowns, Slay the Spire, Skul - The Hero Slayer
changed some of the existing icons

Please, requests icons I shall add

VS Code,Julia,Golang,Rust,SAP,Postman,Javascript,Node

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VS Code, Julia, Postman and javascript I can do. The other I don’t know what to install to test it.

Next release will have new Device icons. I made them flat to fit the rest of the theme.

GOlang,Rust and Nodejs you can install using pacman all off them are programming languages.

version 1.3

EXTRA/BONUS icons: Visual Studio Code (need to be installed manually)
Added: Postman, Julia, javascript,
Redone the “Devices” icons
Added: Status Icons (size 48)

I’m also working on a reversed version of Spring called Autumn.

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version 1.4

Several icons have been remade to fit the theme more precisly
Added: Akira, Abiword, Allegorithmic Substance apps, Android Studio, Android SDK
Added: Angry Search, cerebro, brasero, k3b, OBS Studio

BTW: I’m going to buy a 1TB SSD tomorrow, so I can test the icon theme on KDE. As for now I’m using a 256 GB SSD :stuck_out_tongue: