Text colour is doesn't adapt; always white/grey

After the recent update to 24.0.0, the app launcher icon text(name) is always white/grey depending on the theme colour, but doesn’t adapt. This is making it hard to read when I visit websites with the opposite background. This also happens when I try to change the audio volume. I cannot see the bar. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Here’s what I’ve tried.

To exclude user configs, test if it’s reproducible with a clean new user account.

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Thanks for replying. But no, it’s not user config. I created a fresh user and the behaviour is the same. :frowning:
Is there anyway, I can make this panels opaque? I’ll settle for that.

Do you have “Blur” and “Background Contrast” effects enabled?

If even those two don’t work, try setting your panel to “Opaque”



Yes, Background Contrast and Blur are both enabled.
I tried setting the panel to opaque. But the effect doesn’t work. It always resets to “Translucent”. Everything else changes when I exit the panel, but not the opacity.

Can you switch between X11 and Wayland and see if any difference is noticeable?

If using the Breath global theme, how about trying a switch to Breeze?

Yes! This worked! Thanks a lot. I’m a little disappointed that we have to use X11. But switching is the solution for now. Thanks a lot for helping out a newbie Manjaro person :slight_smile:

Tried this. Didn’t help, switching to X11 worked.

This is your plasma style.
Use breeze (or something else updated and complete) and it will work.

I find this rather difficult to believe at least as an answer to this part of the query.
(number 3 in the opening post)
This functionality simply will not be provided by a theme that lacks the correct directories.
Breath is one such theme.

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