[Testing Update] 2023-03-11 - Kernels, Mesa 22.3.7, Phosh, LibreOffice 7.4.6

In Manjaro you can have multiple kernels installed. See:

I know that. This is not the question as it seems all the last versions of kernels have a pblm with broadcom wifi card. I wanted to downgrade to the previous 5.10 that was working (5.10-171).
And it seems to be impossible. At least I don’t know howto

of course not! it’s an upstream issue, as I reported here: it’s a regression introduced by the linux-wireless folks, discussed in this thread in the mailing list.

it’s better to patch the kernel you want to use by rebuilding from source and manually applying the revert - but I think that the manjaro-arm team is already working on back-porting the patch to the 5.10 series on the distro?

Got it. So I have to wait until it’s been solved…

Sorry, I’m getting confused…
Are you using 5.10 series on which platform? x86 or arm?

AH, OK. Never mind me then.

5.10 on x86. Samsung R580 with NVidia 330M that needs Nvidia legacy driver (340.108) and Broadcom Wifi adapter. this wifi adapter refuse connexion since I update to 5.10.173. It was working with 5.10.171 & 172.

It’s been a couple weeks I noticed random weird crash, the computer would become slow then unresponsive while using Firefox with some tabs. I just noticed systemd-swap was broken, and it was not creating SWAP at all. Here is some logs from journalctl:

Mar 12 14:00:55 omano-nvme systemd[1]: Failed to activate swap Swap File.
-- Subject: A start job for unit var-lib-systemd\x2dswap-swapfc-23.swap has failed
-- Defined-By: systemd
-- Support: https://forum.manjaro.org/c/support
-- A start job for unit var-lib-systemd\x2dswap-swapfc-23.swap has finished with a failure.
-- The job identifier is 2635 and the job result is failed.
Mar 12 14:00:55 omano-nvme systemctl[46911]: Job failed. See "journalctl -xe" for details.

It was working good until recently.

I’m not going to debug that, I removed systemd-swap and added a fixed SWAP file (it eats lot of disk space, but it works).

Seems people don’t really know how Kernel development work. You have those stable branches and Mainline. When there is a stable release a set of patches was decided to be stable enough to call it a final release. Then the next kernel development cycle starts. Some of those patches are tagged to be also included in the stable releases. This however doesn’t mean that it creates new issues or regressions in the stable branches.

So the Wifi issue was reported for 6.2 series. In a chat they pointed me out that also 6.1 is affected. So a rebuild is coming for that too. If 5.10 is now also reported, most likely 5.15 might be affected too. So what can you do @olivier512? Simply install all the kernels Manjaro offers and report back which of those are broken.

As long as there is a discussion ongoing and noone informs Greg about it, nothing will happen!

Regarding the Intel issue: I got a mail from Greg:

On 12.03.23 18:13, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
Also another report of this here:
Bricked LTS Kernel: Questionable i915 Commit - A.P. Jo.

I’ll go revert this for now and do a new release.

greg k-h

You guys can report stuff a lot here in forums or chats and wrong mailing lists. If you don’t know the right channels to get some done, ask around or find someone who knows.

Let me write another email to Greg then …

Well here some quote from Megi who is doing the Pinephone kernels:

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 16:06]
[I] <megi> wpa is broken on PPP and other brcmfmac using devices due to this https://lore.kernel.org/linux-wireless/ZAx0TWRBlGfv7pNl@kroah.com/T/

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 16:06]
[I] <megi> revert fixes it

Philip M, [12.03.23 17:28]
@megi see: https://lore.kernel.org/linux-wireless/20230311141914.24444-1-marcan@marcan.st/raw

Philip M, [12.03.23 17:29]
I assume only 6.2 series is affected by this. right?

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 17:33]
[I] <megi> 6.2 + 6.1 + 6.3-rc

Philip M, [12.03.23 17:34]
I see

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 17:34]
[I] <megi> I didn't care to check older supported stable releases

Philip M, [12.03.23 17:35]
6.1 was introduced with which pointrelease?

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 17:35]
[I] <megi> yes, it was ported to stable release

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 17:35]
[I] <megi> releases

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 17:35]
[I] <megi> 6.1.3

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 17:35]
[I] <megi> eh 6.2.3 and 6.1.15

Pine64 Protocol Bot, [12.03.23 17:36]
[I] <megi> and possibly others

Philip M, [12.03.23 17:39]
well then orange-pi-6.1-20230214-2103 is not affected as it has 6.1.12

Philip M, [12.03.23 21:24]
seems 5.10 and potentially 5.15 may also affected by this ...

@chainofflowers if you already started to use the linux-wireless maling list, maybe point that out to the developers …

On Sun, Mar 12, 2023 at 09:36:02PM +0700, Philip Müller wrote:
Hi Greg,

seems multiple kernel are affected by this regression. Hector already
published a fix which is tested by many already:

[PATCH v2] wifi: cfg80211: Fix use after free for wext

So far 5.10, 5.15, 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3rc are affected. (5.15 I’ve no report
yet, so I’ve to check that).

Devices which are known to been broken are RasberryPi, PinephonePro,
PinebookPro and some Apple M1 devices plus others.

Yes, we need this in Linus’s tree, or at the very least, the networking
tree, before I can take the fix into the stable tree. Please work with
the developers to get it reviewed and merged there first.


greg k-h

Sure we can add patches downstream, but it won’t help others when not done properly …

Affected kernels:


@philm, thank you!

Yes, I just didn’t know where and how to report it properly.

It’s closed, so I can’t add more details, but as you suggested there, it looks like one of the patches isn’t included.

My laptop is booting fine with 5.15.100-2, 6.1.18-2, 6.2.5-1.

Well next time then. More or less all that stuff happens hidden in some mailing lists or IRC channels so the public don’t know. Having a blog post about this matter might help to been found more easily by the public. Lets see if some of us find time to do such a thing …

@Yochanan triggered now all missing kernels and added the need wifi fix to them. I mailed upstream again to notify them about the potential regressions in other stable kernel series. They told us that they have to follow protocol and we should push the upstream developers to do so. So we will see when they fix it upstream. For now we do it downstream. Maybe install all kernels when available and report back.


Thank you Team for all the extra effort you’re putting into this. This is actually what makes a distro more “caring” then another.
It is for sure not the first time that you walk an extra mile to support the users, and this deserves a big thank you!
:heart: :hugs:


Hello Philm
I’ve seen a kernel update this morning, installed it and now everything’s OK.
So the kernel version now is 5.10.173-2 instead of 5.10.173-1. I wonder what could be different as the base kernel is the same (5.10.173). I guess it was just a compilation option?
I really want to thank the Manjaro team for the extra effort as well.

yes, the numbers after the dash are rebuild numbers.

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here you go: [pkg-upd] 5.10.173-2 (53177546) · Commits · Packages / Core / linux510 · GitLab


Looks so simple like that :smiley:
Thank u Philm
So the kernel was patched but didn’t change version?
I mean this is a Manjaro modification that comes before the official kernel modification?

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You can thank Hector from the AsahiLinux project for the fix. @olivier512. We just added it to all affected kernels. You can see the discussion of that matter if you reread my comments in this thread …


The only way is to roll-back your backup and wait for the fix. Downgrading kernel alone is not possible as too many module packages depend on it, so it would be a very risky operation. Using backup is the only solution and basically that is why we are doing backups.

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