[Testing Update] 2021-11-13 - Kernel, Gnome 41.1, Xorg-Server 21.1, LxQt 1.0, Nvidia 470.86, Plasma 5.23.3

The R340 drivers are end of life, if they stopped working now then it’s the end of the road. You need to either use Nouveau or get newer supported hardware.

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Nouveau is not working properlly on this computer and it will never cause it is too old and no-one wants to develop a driver for this kind of computer (GeForce GT 330M).
So I’ll stay on these old driver and previous version of Xorg until it dies :frowning:

And I cannot change the graphic board because it is a laptop (10 years old Samsung R580)

Unfortunately if nvidia drops support there’s not much manjaro can do. Even the nvidia all in the aur only goes as far back as 390

This might work from the aur though


@olivier512 I saw in your profile that

CPU: Intel Core i3 M 330

while that CPU is never existed, one of the close model is the i3-330M and it has

Processor Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics for Previous Generation Intel® Processors
Displays Supported: 2

If the CPU model matches with you have may be you can switch to iGPU in you BIOS/UEFI settings. But double check all and read the notebook’s manual first. Also backup all your data and refresh LiveCD media before to switch just in case.

I assume you use the 390xx driver series, right? @DAC324

There’s no shame in using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS which should support your GPU and do so for quite a long period…
It is all GNU/Linux after all.

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This is not a system with a discrete GPU. I cannot switch to an iGPU that doesn’t exist (hard invalidation not soft).

For the moment I prefer Manjaro. I switched to it 1 year ago and exept this problem with old hardware that is not supported anymore, I prefer Manjaro than Ubuntu.
Since 23 years on GNU/Linux I tried many different systems (1st was a slackware 7.0 on a 486 DX4 100 MHz :smiley: )

Indeed, I am using the 390 Nvidia driver. This driver, as well as version 340 is affected by this problem. According to information I got from elsewhere, at least 390 is supposed to be still supported by Nvidia until 2022. This might mean that Nvidia will update that driver to become compatible with ABI 25.2.

With KDE 5.23.2 version, I was used 1.1Go of memory ram by default. With KDE 5.23.3 version, I see that I’m using 600/700Mo of memory ram. Was there any optimization ?

30-40% decrease in RAM consumption is unbelievably high value.
Try to increase monitoring duration: may be you comparing a several days working .2 with a big number of apps used and leaved a junk in memory vs a day using .3 with less / other apps / documents you have opened.

That depends how you look at the RAM usage and if you count cache too. There is RAM usage, and RAM usage. www.linuxatemyram.com as usual for reference. RAM usage may have not changed but some programs may do different tasks at different time and that can change the value you see depending on how/what you are looking at.

//EDIT on the other had it is possible that a program had an issue in previous updates and it got fixed. I didn’t read anything about that but I read some time ago people ‘complaining’ that after a specific update their system was ‘using more RAM’. So it is possible. I doubt it, such a fix/improvement would probably have been advertised.

@alven and @omano: I noticed it when I’m on my session (through ksysguard) without any software launched. I have no swap partition or other thing like (zswap/zram) for example. The Latte dock software is installed with a layout theme found on kde store and a global theme is also installed for plasma KDE. It is Manjaro 21.1.6 KDE minimal with the testing branch activated who is used.

Because you switch to kernel 5.15.0-2 on manjaro. There is a known Intel GPU Bug on TigerLake w/ Iris Xe. Switch back to 5.14 in order to stop the constant freezes.

GPU HANG. Kernel 5.15 on TigerLake

Are you sure it’s plasma, that’s crashing (It could also be kwin? Are there no corefiles listed when you start coredumpctl? You can find some information on KWin de KWin/Debugging - KDE Community Wiki

Please report reproduceable bugs at https://bugs.kde.org, follow the instructions given here Get Involved/Issue Reporting - KDE Community Wiki


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Well we have to see about that. For me it is more or less a monolog

That is no surprise. Nvidia, traditionally, are focusing on Windows games (see the name for their Windows drivers: “Game Ready Driver”), and, to a lesser extent, to their workstation cards.
Linux does not have much priority for this company.