[Testing Update] 2021-07-21 - Nvidia, Kernels, Wine, Virtualbox, Pipewire, Systemd

Perfect, so I’d rather wait for that update. However, it might come only until M93.

Aaack ! Stitch got a glitch . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: For the first time in years of running Manjaro KDE the little red Pacman lied to me , told me I had an update so I checked Octopi . Nothing showed but Firefox which updated yesterday as well . No biggie , let Octopi handle it . Then I see Kernels and Nvidia and a list I wasn’t expecting . Too late , let it finish the update . Normally when I see updates like that I pop into the forum and check the announcement then on to tty to update , I never run an update other than something simple like a browser from the GUI .
No problems after rebooting and not terribly important because I keep backups anyway but it did mess up my OCD . Just a little reminder to myself and maybe a few others not to get complacent.

apparently chromium 92 only works with systemd-* 248-5 and before, and is NOT because of the latest update. and reverting that far back could be even more compromising. it is certainly not the best path to take because of latest news surrounding pending fixes to systemd vulnerabilities (maybe) yet to be fixed.


On the bright side, right now the stable branch is on 248.3, so we wouldn’t have to downgrade anything for them.

I would recommend waiting till chromium fixes the issue, or at the very least wait till the fix is merged then include it in the chromium build.

Arch already applied the workaround in their Chromium package.

No idea about Chrome, as that’s an AUR package.


The update to chromium 92.0.4515.107-3 should fix it.
I’ve just upload it to testing.


Is there a way to hold on to Nvidia 470.42 line? Version 470.57 is a stable release which lacks of many goodies that 470.42 beta has, especially many wayland improvements. With 470.57 line it’s a step back :frowning: , unless they add those features.
Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

quick fyi: current version of vivaldi is based on chromium 91.0.4472.166. i can confirm it is not currently affected by this issue. no idea when it will be updated though.

I think the beta changes are included:

The NVIDIA 470.57.02 Linux driver is out today as the first stable version in the NVIDIA 470 driver series. This carries forward the earlier beta changes around XWayland acceleration, new Vulkan extensions, and numerous other improvements


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Thanks for checking, I know and tested Vivaldi successfully. My post is a bit misleading suggesting that they currently don’t work.

Not recommended due to security issues Security Bulletin: NVIDIA GPU Display Drivers - July 2021 | NVIDIA

Confirmed it is unaffected, I think they are releasing their Stable version approx. 2 weeks after Chrome (based on 92), so that would be 3-4 August, in that week.

Has anyone tested Wayland on the Nvidia driver using this update? Does it work properly now?

NVIDIA worked properly before. It’s just XWayland that doesn’t work properly due to lacking acceleration.

Wait so XWayland isn’t included?

12 EOL? Why? o_O

because it’s no LTS and the successor is deemed stable. It’s common practice (and not coming from manjaro but upstream, see https://www.kernel.org/ )


successor is 13?

exactly (or try 5.14RC2 if you are feeling adventurous ^^)

XWayland acceleration works now.

I’ve tested it out, I still can’t use Wayland though, a lot of software simply doesn’t work (which is not fault of NVIDIA, I’ve tested Wayland on Intel, AMD and Nouveau)