Testing PHP on my local machine

I am wanting to test a php page on my local computer.
I have installed xampp and can get the localhost to work but the xxxxx.php file won’t display in the browser all I get is this over and over:

You need a server that actually runs the script.

It says this when I put localhost in the browser

The php script must be located at htdocs of the xampp directory.

So this works. Brings up the phpmyadmin so maybe I just have to put the php files in the right folder.

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dvwa is a webapp - so - you need to create a virtual folder for your webserver to be able to serve the application.

In principle you follow a similiar schema as you used to setup phpMyAdmin.

To setup phpMyAdmin all I did was install xampp.
But I will figure out where to put the files.
I’ll post back here with my progress

Perhaps you get an idea from below link

Did you try the link provided on that page? :rofl:
(It literally links to a HOW-TO)