Tenda W311MI not working

This wifi adapter need rtl8188gu driver. I installed 8188gu driver. The driver 8188gu.ko is installed in

but wifi adapter is not shown. modprobe 8188gu does not work and insmod 8188gu shows module is loaded.
lsmod shows 8188gu is loaded.

Hi @me_sajied, and welcome!


I get the feeling you did it manually while that is not recommended. I’d say remove everything and go from there.

There seems to be a driver in the AUR:

$ pamac search 8188
rtl8188gu-dkms-git                                                                                                                                                                                                               r9.3dddc96-1            AUR
Linux driver for Realtek RTL8188GU

So best would be to install it using pamac:

pamac build rtl8188gu-dkms-git

Hope it helps!

a Reminder: While use of the AUR is possible, it’s neither recommended nor supported.

I recommend pamac instead of pacman, especially for newcomers as pamac was developed by Manajaro (developers) for Manjaro and just takes care of more thing than pacman.

I have no internet connection right now. I built and installed this make and make install yet did not work.

You might have to setup tethering to do just this, get some kind of connection somehow, or manually perform an offline installation for the package.


makepkg shows PKGBUILD contains CRLF charecters cannot be sourced. And dkms shows bad return status module build on kernel:6.1.38-1MANJARO