Installing packages from AUR

Currently Pamac cannot be used to install packages using AUR package scripts.

Please install manually using the terminal command line as follows

Lookup the package name using the aur webpage - then clone the repo and build using makepkg (ensure your have the required build packages installed first)

$ sudo pacman -Syu base-devel git --needed

Then clone the package

$ git clone$PACKAGE_NAME.git

move into the folder


install necessary dependencies, build the package and install it

$ makepkg -is

Easiest would probably be to just use another AUR helper like yay in the meanwhile.

Install yay:
sudo pacman -S yay

Install an AUR package
yay packagename

The packagename does not even need to be the exact one. yay will search for you and present a list of matching packages…


Will packages, that are installed with yay work with pamac e.g. for Updates, when the aur problem is fixed?


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It would seem yay may cause some issues also:

eschwartz wrote:
yay is a rewrite of yaourt in golang, its name literally stands for “yet another yaourt”. It’s thematically fairly similar, though it adds new bugs like hammering the AUR RPC and getting you rate limited for a 24-hour blacklisting of your IP address if you try to install certain packages with complex deptrees.

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Well, they all have to fetch the metadata from somewhere…
Of course if you install tons of packages and use the search like a maniac, it might happen you run into the limits.

Even the AUR page itself does that. Although it is using a more sane type of API call which only gives you the bare minimum of information (package names).

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Could get the list of package names from, check date header to see if download is needed, and suggest from that.

Problem is that this list is not good to search and extract relevant information from, already suggested and talked about in the issue on Gitlab.


Question is whether not having to press enter to fire the search is worth increasing the load on the server then.


That would be my proposal as well. Simply put a search button / use enter key to start searching. Who needs this auto-search/complete stuff really? But I guess in order to be cool and fancy, software nowadays needs these kind of “features” :man_shrugging:t2:


just updated to pamac 10.0.6-2 , looks good again. AUR is back.

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making this alias in .bashrc is useful

alias yay=“yay -Syu --nocleanmenu --nodiffmenu --noeditmenu --noupgrademenu”

Same here

Shouldn’t we revert the update then? We have no idea when this problem will be fixed on pamac…

As I see this issue - unfortunately - I see it as a long term issue - because - as @philm mentioned in the Gitlab issue there is the possibility of other systems implementing Pamac either because they build on Manjaro or it could be a regular fork of the pamac code which is causing the issues and as such, the user agent itself only points back at Manjaro.

It is a real pain when something like this happens and it is in every ones interest to solve it and it is/was spreading like wildfire.

I read in the thread @guinux has implemented a small change in the user agent string so the different versions can be told apart.

And the Arch guys has also been forthcoming in the matter - implementing a throttle rather than a complete block - so a big thank you and kudos to them for being friendly.

In the mean time - please help stopping the fire - by encouraging anyone to build the packages they use by using the method from the original topic as this will help taking the heat of the AURweb.