Task manager 'opaque' setting not applied (plasma 6)

the ‘opaque’ setting for the task manager doesn’t stay set; it always revers to ‘translucent’

Your plasma style is not up to date for Plasma 6 or is otherwise incomplete.

when i did the plasma 6 update, i set the theme to Breath and renamed the following…


… and then updated from a TTY

what did i miss?

Well if you are referring to refreshing the desktop then you missed … just about everything


But what I said was

Which means you need to use an up to date and complete theme.
Breeze for example.

sorry there cscs - i poked around the forum before and didn’t see that

anyway, i renamed all the files given the command you offered and (almost) all is ok

one niggle is Firefox; if i launch it from the app menu or an icon pinned to the ‘Task Manager’ task bar, it opened 3 instances - solved by removing the task bar pin, launching it from a terminal, exiting, and re-pinning

anyway, i’m seeing a lot of smallish bugs in plasma 6 - pretty disappointing overall, and given the history of KDE, i expect them to be fixed eventually … and replaced with new ones

6 is alpha, beta at best, and never should’ve been released IMO, but that’s not your concern