System will not boot after installing kernel 6x, or clean install

Well, i am in chroot O.o
The system still does not boot
The current status is a clean install of 21.1.0 (linux61). This does not boot.
i’m chrooting from a 515 majaro image, since the linux61 ISO does not find my boot ssd :confused:

well it should shown the logs from the failed boot…
try enable early loading:
nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
and edit the modules section to look like this:

MODULES=(i915 nvidia nvidia_drm nvidia_uvm nvidia_modeset)

save it with ctrl+x press ‘y’, then enter and update it:
mkinitcpio -P
if no errors, exit chroot, reboot and test if you can boot …

So is it right that you can install (and it fails to boot) but from liveUSB you can’t find the drive afterwards? It does not make much sense

No effect.
It generated with no problem, rebooted, but still it goes to the emergency shell.
It shows:

device UUID=<uuid> not found. Skipping fsck
mount: /new_root: can't find UUID=<uuid>
You are now being dropped into an emergency shell.
sh:can't acess tty; job control turned off

Yes, the liveUSB finds it if the SSD is formatted or with another system. After installing linux61, it vanishes from it. It still shows up on a linux515 liveUSB.

so there were here recently similar issues with cant find uuid, and downgrading mkkinicpio helped, so give it a try:

How do you check if the drive is available? Do you use btrfs as the bug that brahma points out?
I have a hard time believing that the drive completely/physically disappears depending on the file system of one of the partitions on it.
Use lsblk -f or fdisk -l to list drives and partitions when you are in the liveUSB with kernel 6.x

Downgraded to version 34 (current is 35.1), them to version 30. Still the same.

Well, i have two SSDs on this system, both PCIe. Only one shows up at a time. Right now the 512GB (The one with the linux) is showing up and i can even chroot into it. The 256 with the windows is absent. Last two times i booted with the liveUSB only the 256 showed up O.o

are you on raid or ahci? post output from:
inxi -R
post also the lsblk and fdisk outputs as requested above;

12Message No RAID data found

The other SSD is missing from those as well.

I just checked in bios as well, mode is set to AHCI

what lspci | grep memory shows?

The SSDs are the same model, different sizes (512 and 256)

Check the journal of the liveUSB to see if there is some error or information on the matter

journalctl -b


It should be much longer. You can upload entirely with:

journalctl -b | curl -F "sprunge=<-"


Ok. So don’t know why but you have this old problem. It seems that solution is to add:


as a kernel boot parameter

Just add to the grub file right?
If so, the system still does bot boot, and liveUSB does not see both disks :confused: