System not booting after update

I installed Manjaro a few weeks back, after using Debian based distros for years.
It worked perfectly till I recently installed updates. After that boot fails with the messages in the screenshot.
Since I reinstalled it twice. It always booted up fine at first, then I installed updates and afterwards it fails to boot.

Link to screenshot: https:// ibb. co/NL5CLCG
(Sorry, I could neither attach the picture directly nor enter the normal link)

Any idea what the problem is?

Thanks in advance

do you use btrfs? if yes, it looks like this issue:

and downgrading mkinitcpio helps…

Only for the home partition. Root is ext4.

so try downgrading the mkinitcpio… chroot:
manjaro-chroot -a
nstall downgrade:
pacman -S downgrade
downgrade mkinitcpio:

env SKIP_AUTOSNAP=1 DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade mkinitcpio

update it:
mkinitcpio -P && update-grub
reboot, and see if it helped… if yes blacklist mkinitcpio from updating, until its fixed:
edit /etc/pacman.conf
and add:

IgnorePkg = mkinitcpio

Thanks for your help.
Seems it was mkinitcpio.
Guess inwill keep it blacklisted for a while.