System not booting "Failed to start remount Root and Kernel file system"- f2fs - Kernel 5.15

my computer is refusing to boot since a couple of days. After choosing manjaro in grub it shows a few lines that start with
The next line is
[FAILED] Failed to start Remount Root and Kernel File Systems.

I can’t really say what changed since the error occurred a few days ago. I might have installed updates or I might have started Windows (it’s a dual boot system) and installed updates there.
I found other threads that described similar problems but could not fix the problem using that information. I’ve commented out everything in my /etc/fstab file using # except two lines (/ and /boot/efi). My root partition uses f2fs with the mount options defaults,noatime,fs_passno.
I was able to boot into a command line using runlevel 3 (the error message did show up nonetheless but the system didn’t freeze there)…

Help appreciated :slight_smile:

If you have used Windoze it could be that you did not fully shut it down. Disable Fast Startup in Windoze and try again.

Thanks for the hint, but that didn’t help :confused:
Also someone put Kernal 5.15 in the title but I think I am using 5.12 (uname -r prints 5.12.19-1-MANJARO). If 5.12 is correct I’d correct the title again.
Any other ideas?

You can change the title, sure.

If you have kernel 5.12 installed then this could explain your issue, it’s not supported already since quiet a while. From time to time you should check for #announcements and verify if the kernel you are using is still supported. If not - install a supported one such as currently 5.10 LTS or 5.15. There are also older still fully supoorted kernels, of course.

Thanks for your help. I updated to 5.15 but it didn’t change anything. Is there any info I can provide that would help to narrow this down?

This is no legal option, it should be a number, like 0, 1 or 2.

I removed the option and this fixed the line [FAILED]: ... (it is not there anymore).
The System still does not boot, though. I’ll take the time to post the remaining console (all starting with Info:) output later today.
Thanks for your help, again!

Here is the complete output:

Info: Fix the reported corruption.
Info: Segments per section = 1
Info: Sections per zone = 1
Info: sector size = 512
Info: total sectors = *some number* (332000MB)
Info: MKFS version
      "Linux version 5.10.42-1-MANJARO *GCC and GNU Binutils version info*
Info: FSCK version
      from "Linux version 5.10.42-1-MANJARO *GCC and GNU Binutils version info*
Info: superblock features = 0 :
Info: superblock encrypt level = 0, salt = 000000*lots of 0s*
Info: total FS sectors = *some number* (332000MB)
Info: CKPT version = 26606232
Info: checkpoint state = 45 :  crc compacted_summary unmount
Info: No error was reported

I also got [FAILED] failed to start pkgfile database update today but that was when the network cable was unplugged. I restarted with runlevel 3, ran sudo pkgfile -u as suggested in this thread, noticed the network cable was unplugged, plugged it in and reran the command successfully. After a reboot the pkgfile error is now gone but the system does not boot with the text output above.

Yesterday I booted from a live image and ran fsck -y on my root partition from there. It took a minute or so but didn’t seem to have fixed any errors. The system still did not start but the next boot I had a few more lines in the console output (see photo below). Could this be a hardware problem? I rebooted and this time the additional first lines [Hardware Error] did not appear.