System not booting after installing nvidia driver along with hybrid driver

I had already installed video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-driver-450xx-prime. Along with it, I installed video-nvidia-driver-450xx. Now my system is not booting. Is there a way to fix this?


What hardware do you have for graphic cards? What do you define by not booting? Can you post the message / pic of the screen?

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M

The GRUB menu appears, after I select Manjaro, the system freezes, doesn’t boot at all.

No message while booting.

I was playing around with Hardware Configuration. I successfully updated hybrid driver from 440xx-prime to 450xx-prime (restarted several times, without any problem). Though I had video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-driver-450x-prime driver, I installed video-nvidia-driver-450xx. The installation completed successfully. I press shut down button, here the problem started. At blank-screen it got freezed. I was just waiting for laptop light to turn off, it didn’t happen. I forcefully long-pressed power button to turn it off. From now the problem is as described.

video-nvidia driver is for pci &desktop , not for video card mobile & laptop ( you have a 960m)
so you have to choose in video-hybrid-intel-nvidia driver

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Thanks for replying. I performed fresh install and now everything’s fine.

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