Switched from GNOME to KDE (without reinstall) - MTP and SMB issues

Hello everybody,

recently I switched from GNOME to KDE using the Manjaro wiki page for installing desktop environments as a rough guide.

Afterwards I (hopefully) removed everything Gnome by using sudo pacman -Rcn gnome.

So far, after a bit if setting things up and getting to know KDE I’ve got almost everything working. Only mounting MTP devices and some issues with SMB persist.

MTP issues:

  • Plasma successfully recognizes a new MTP device (as a notification leading to “disks & devices”), when clicking “open in file manager”, dolphin opens but errors with the following: The file or folder udi=/org/kde/solid/udev/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:08.1/0000:04:00.4/usb3/3-2 does not exist.

I already installed a bunch of mtp related things, including kio-extras and kio-mtp to no avail. Maybe it some configuration that’s missing?

SMB issues:
In general SMB is working fine and this seems to be more of a network discovery issue. When opening dolphin and going to Network → SMB, I can see my Printer (for some reason), and my Win10 PC. But not my Linux NAS with an SMB-Share. I can access it directly using smb://<ip> but I’d like autodiscovery to work.

Bonus question regarding SMB: Is there any way to have dolphin ask for SMB credentials upon first connection to any share? Nautilus always did it and it was very helpful.

 OS: Manjaro 23.0.0 UltimaThule
 Kernel: x86_64 Linux 6.4.2-3-MANJARO
 Uptime: 24m
 Packages: 1973
 Shell: zsh 5.9
 Resolution: 4480x1440
 DE: KDE 5.107.0 / Plasma 5.27.6
 WM: KWin
 GTK Theme: Breeze [GTK2/3]
 Icon Theme: breeze
 Disk: 266G / 441G (64%)
 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics @ 16x 2.9GHz
 GPU: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Renoir (rev c6)
 RAM: 6012MiB / 30000MiB

If I missed any crucial info or package-versions, please let me know and I’ll supply them.


Dolphin can make use of Avahi for (Linux) samba host discovery if active. As long as it is active on both hosts and firewalls permitting. For discovery Windows hosts offering samba shares, Dolphin uses WS-Discovery.

Does kwallet not popup to prompt for credentials? Check that it is not hiding behind the Dolphin window itself?

As a workaround this might help: