Sway download links not working

I am not sure if this will get resolved automatically (as the problem seem to be with GitHub), or if the Sway-team need to do anything. However, I just wanted to let you know that the Sway download links do not work at the moment:

Trying to download any of the files results in:

We’re having a really bad day.
The Unicorns have taken over. We’re doing our best to get them under control and get GitHub back up and running.

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Hello @mzuniga,

you are not the first who have this problem.

You can click on ‘more...’, and you can download ISOs as zip-files.

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My searching skills are bad, as I did not see that post. Anyhow, thanks!

Sway maintainer is currently on holidays, it will be fixed when he gets back, meanwhile download ISOs as zip-files.

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the manjaro sway downloads are now on cloudflare r2 and should be much more accessible.

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