I can't download Manjaro Sway

Basically this message appears when I select the ISO, any other way to download?

""We’re having a really bad day.

The Unicorns have taken over, We’re doing our best to get them under control and get GitHub back up and running.“”

Hello @bakunin1.

Hm, try click on ‘more...’ on the download page. You then get to github where you can download the iso as zip-files.
Or wait till Mr Voldemort solve these Unicorn problem. :unicorn: :man_mage: :laughing:

I think Voldemort would take a while to solve the unicorn problem :laughing:.

I managed to download following what you said, thanks.

Hm, I think theres a school-kid trolling him while he try to to solve this problem … what to say … the youth of today!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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the manjaro sway downloads are now on cloudflare r2 and should be much more accessible.