Surface Pro 6 live ISO calamares crash


I have tried to install Manjaro Gnome 22.0 on my Surface Pro6 (with 8 GB RAM), so I downloaded the ISO from the website (221224).

During the installation, calamares crashed with OOM message. Weird. To make sure this is not an issue with the ISO, I went to download the latest Gnome ISO (230101) from Releases · manjaro/release-review · GitHub, and got the same issue.

Here is the journalct -b -b err message.

manjaro-gonome kernel: Out of memory: Killed process 2136 (calamares) total-vm:6899132kB, anon-rss:2076328kB, file-rss0kB, shmem-rss:536kB, IUD:0 pgtables:10104kB oom_score_adj:200

I went to install the same ISO file on a VM, and it works with the same amount of memory. The only way to reproduce it was to give the VM 2 GB RAM.

I have also noticed that on the Surface, the moment calamares start memory usage is 3,1 GB, while in the VM it only goes to 1.48 GB.

Anyone experienced similar issue?

Update: I went ahead and tested Manjaro KDE and XFCE edition’s latest ISO.

Both installed without any issue. During both installations, memory usage peaked at 1.8 GB.

Manjaro Team might want to check the Gnome edition.

same issue occurred with my surface pro 8 8g ram
the temp workaround is adding a swapfile/partition manually via the second usb disk

Hi @dxx233,

Thank you!

I’m waiting for delivery of my new USB hub - the old one went to USB heaven. Unfortunate timing :roll_eyes: