Super Key shortcut difficulties

A little while ago, I made a few minor changes to my xfce keyboard application shortcuts. Things were going okay until I decided to revert the changes. To do this, I clicked the “Reset to Defaults” button.

As a result, my Super key no longer brought up the whisker menu. Instead, it brought up the xfce4-appfinder shortcut menu, which was assigned to Alt+F1 (and which normally pops of if you right click on the desktop). I could not for the life of me understand why the whisker menu would no longer work given that this ought to have be the default that was restored.

Based on a post I found on a related example, I added another shortcut for xfce-popup-wiskermenu and assigned it to the Super key. When I pressed the Super key, the whisker menu would popup, and then disappear, and immediately the shortcut menu would appear.

I did some more research and found this post: Super key triggers desktop right click context menu(pressing super runs xfdesktop --menu)

I did what this user did, and simply deleted the Alt+F1 shortcut. Voila! The whisker menu popped up.

But that brings me to the next problem: Before these changes, I had assigned Super+Left Arrow and Super+Right arrow to tile a window either to the left or right side of the display. However, having assigned the Super key to the whisker menu, it seems that the Super key can no longer be used with another key to do any window positioning. Pressing the super key now instantly opens the menu and no longer works with either arrow key.

I’m kind of frustrated. Everything was working as I intended until the moment I clicked “Restore to Defaults,” and now I have this cascading problem, it seems, getting the Super key to work with windows appearance shortcuts.

Any wisdom and guidance would be appreciated!

Hi @Adramyttium,

I don’t use Xfce, so don’t know where this is set/unset/changed, but it seems to me your shortcut for opening the Whisker menu is bound to the Meta press / down while I think it should be bound the the key release / up.

Hope this helps!

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I was just about to post that as an update! Thanks!

My question then is how to assign it to the release action?

As I mentioned, I don’t use Xfce, but a quick search led me to:

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I’m going to mark that as a solution. I did some more research and there have been complaints about this XFCE behavior for years. :grimacing:

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