Suggestion: Notification Dissmissal

Congrats on Reviving the Site back.

I just like to suggest something about the notification. Something seems to happen but it doesn’t.

When I go to my Notifications <>>username here/notifications>
to (1) Dismiss All, I am expecting the (2) list of notifications when I click my Profile Photo from Top Right Corner to disappear. but it’s still there.

That will make sense when I press Dismiss All

Don’t know if the behaviour can be changed, but it is the same in at least one other Discourse forum I’m a member off. Dismissing the notifications only marks them as ‘read’ - i.e. no longer highlighted. Probably because it’s also a history list of sorts.

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you again? :rofl: I keep seeing you in posts huh, :laughing:

but well, I hope it could be implemented, it’d be nice if the quick notifications are clear, and maybe add Dismissal Button under there too (Quick Notification under Profile Pic)

You mean this one?

Not sure why it’s missing from your screenshot - doesn’t appear to be theme related as it’s there in the dark theme also… Maybe do a Ctrl+F5 forced refresh of the page, maybe something changed and the browser hasn’t worked it out yet.

That Dismiss button is new in this version of the forum. It wasn’t there on the old forum. :wink:

Ok, why do you have that? :smile: is it even working? accordingly to my suggestion?

Probably not, but we’re not talking about that now, are we? Screenshot of the current forum, with the dark theme applied. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t behave any differently to the other Dismiss button @Zaiakursed - just clears the ‘unread’ highlights.

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I see, so, I hope this could be granted

It appears it can be done though a CSS tweak…

Edit: although it appears the CSS must have changed somewhat in nearly three years… (surprise, surprise!) so for the user menu, it’s

.user-menu .quick-access-panel .read {
    display: none;

Not sure how to do the profile notifications list, and probably not a good idea anyway, as you’d then have no way to get back to notifications if you have read them.


It doesn’t look like a new feature to me, actually. I totally remember seeing that button in the old forum since the very first day I joined back in mid-June of this year.

Oh, I see it on my Quick Notifications now. After Clicking, it vanishes. That is it.

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The button vanishes if there is nothing to dismiss… which is a behaviour that I thought the Discourse authors had done away with, but that’s how it is.

This is related with discourse open a issue there.