Permanent Discobot message

After creating my new account there is a permanent message from discobot in my user area entry:

I can’t delete it, if I click on the message I’m redirected to an “ups, this page doesn’t exist anymore”. And, my inbox has no messages:


How could I get rid of that message?

Thanks and regards!! :grinning:

You can delete that message via your profile -> settings -> messages -> here you can delete the PMs.

That’s the problem, my inbox is empty, I can’t delete what no exists… :thinking:

Try changing your language on the forum to English. It might be a message not translated to Spanish yet so does exist in English but not in Spanish.


Perhaps someone from the @moderators can fix it?

This needs attention from @admins

In fact, I think the problem is I can’t dismiss the notifications:

Regards!! :grinning:

And if you click on the actual saludos link ?

The same, system says that page doesn’t exist… :thinking:

Try to logout and login to the forum again.


This has worked, also on my phone :clap: :clap:, thank you very much!!
Best regards!! :grinning: :grinning:

Hi!! I think there is something wrong with the notifications, now I can’t dismiss this one, despite I’ve logout and login to the forum:


:roll_eyes: :thinking:

Looks to me, like that notification already is dismissed. It’s not highlighted with a different color and there is no dismiss button on the bottom of the list?
The list showing in your screenshot never is empty for me (and never was on the old forum either).

edit: for a screenshot showing the button see

Dismissing notifications only removes the highlights (and clears the ‘unread notifications’ count). It does not delete them. Clicking on the notification will not delete it either. This is basic Discourse behaviour, as the entries in the user menu/notifications section of your profile are also a running history.

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Ok, then the mystery is solved!! :wink:

Thank you very much for the info!! :grinning: :grinning:

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