Suggestion: Easy way to install Trinity desktop on Manjaro

This is simply a suggestion…

I would like that Manjaro had an easy way to install Trinity Desktop (TDE). There is a tutorial to install Trinity on Arch, but it involves compiling the whole thing and it is quite difficult for a beginner.

I don’t know if this is worth mentioning… it might even sound like a joke, but having an easy way to install Trinity was the only thing that made me want to come back to Ubuntu (after all these years I’ve been using Manjaro).

Take it easy, guys, it is just a suggestion…

I dont understand what you mean… Its add the repo and install what you want
tde-meta seems to be all of it, and there are also a handful of groups that can be used; tde-core tde-base tde-libs tde-extra … I suppose I could write this into more of a tutorial.

Out of curiosity … trinity is very niche … why do you want it ?


welp, if after all those years of using Manjaro you aren’t a able to add a repo in pacman.conf and just import a key by the Trinity developers as the Arch wiki describes, then it’s probably wise for you to go back to Ubuntu.

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Anyways … here you go:


I am delighted to see how toxic some linux users can be sometimes.

I am happy to know that my post was flagged by community. Maybe people will learn how to deal with trolls.

And I hope this happens soon, before the forum becomes useless due to an infestation of cowards.


Trinity was the best Desktop Environment I have used in Ubuntu. In Manjaro, the best for me is i3. I would like to use them both in Manjaro.

Your tutorial is great. By the way, it could be included in that page that explains how to install all the other DEs, like gnome, kde, xfce, lxde, etc, etc.

Ah maybe. I did help put some of those together so I could put it up … but before doing that it might be better to have at least a few people report it as working :sweat_smile:

Please be respectful to others, sir. Everyone might not be as advanced user as u are. :slightly_smiling_face:

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