Stuck on vendor logo after update

Running Manjaro KDE on a System76 Oryx Pro. Updated using Syyu. Rebooted, unlocked the drive and now I’m stuck at the System76 logo after opening the slot. Can’t seem to Ctrl-Alt-F2 to a terminal either. Not sure what to do.

EDIT: after messing around for a bit, I found a “solution”. After the slot opened, I began tapping the F2 key. This bypassed the logo and took me to the login. I was able to gain access. I figured this has something to do with graphics drivers since I keep seeing nVidia issues pop up. I uninstalled the nVidia driver through Hardware Configuration and rebooted. It started properly although there was an extra System76 splash screen. Is there a way to reset the graphics drivers all to default?

Glad you sorted it out, to install nVidia proprietary driver just head out to manjaro Wiki everything is explained there.

Thanks! I’m off to figure out the extra splash screen. I’ll try installing the nVidia drivers and see if that helps, but I doubt it.

UPDATE: it’s actually still getting stuck at the vendor logo. Not every time, but maybe every fifth boot. I was going to restore a TimeShift image, but that apparently doesn’t work if you have an encrypted drive. I’m still new to Linux, so this is a bit over my pay grade.

file and delete “quiet” word from “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=” line.
Then, update grub by issuing
sudo update-grub

That way, screen during boot will not be empty and black but you will see all kernel booting messages. They may give clue what is failing.

Great! I’ll give that a go tomorrow morning and post back. Thanks!