Stuck on Recovering Journal

When booting my system stays on “recovering journal” The only notable changes I made were installing 2 video driver options from my system settings. And switching my java enviro so that the application ThinkOrSwim (trqding platform) would work.

However now my system upon booting just stay stuck on the recovering journal screen…Anyone know how to fix this without me having to totally reinstall Kde?

You can try to run fsck .

How does one do that? I am entirely new to linux.

Did you install vesa ? This driver does not work in a graphical mode with modern GPUs automatically. You need to set the correct config manually there. Thus no graphics… It will be loaded prio. However to remove it, change to another TTY like CTRL+ALT+F3 and login there. Then remove it:

mhwd -li
sudo mhwd -r pci video-vesa
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Boot the USB stick with Manjaro on it and run fsck on the partition.

Yes I did install Vesa. Thanks for the help. However, all I did was do a total reinstall before I could see any of the replies in this thread. So I didnt get to test out the suggestions for fixing the issue. But thanks for the replies. Now I know for the future at least.