Stuck on No irq handler for vector

I ran my updates. It updated several of my kernels. 5.10 gives me this screen.

The other kernels give me the failed to load kernel modules message.

Hi @peaveyman,

There’s no way to be sure yet, but I suspect you might have one or more EOL kernels installed.

I’d say Boot with live media into a Live environment. From there, open a terminal and enter a chroot environment. From there you can then run mhwd-kernel to remove the problematic and/or old kernels.

If I’m not booting into the EOL kernel does it still affect the other kernels?

I’m unsure, but it is possible.


The more I think about it, the more I don’t think so. Especially as you are seeing different errors between 5.10 and the rest.

But I am unsure. IMHO it’d be best to still chroot then uninstall all kernels and then just reinstall 5.10 and another one if you want, 5.15 maybe. But I’m thinking that’s just me.

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I can get to another ttyl so I am installing 5.15 to see if it can get me into my system.

That’s why I recommended booting with live media, entering a chroot environment, and removing/installing the kernels from there.

5.15 is doing the same thing. Is there a list some where of the EOL kernels?

I can confirm it’s not something going on with Plasma because gnome won’t give me the log in screen either.

To get a list of the other kernels installed, run:

mhwd-kernel --listinstalled

I have 4.19, 5.10, 5.15, and 5.4 but grub is listing these and also 5.7

hmmm, then try:

sudo update-grub

P.S.: I’m sort of out of my depth here and mostly guessing. Thus:

I still recommend removing them and installing from “scratch”, as I explained earlier.

Update-grub is still adding 5.7 to the grub menu along with 5.9

Thanks for trying to help with this.

The headers for the 419 kernel were missing. I reinstalled those. All of my kernels but one are stuck at the same screen. The other is giving me this error:

failed to start rule-based manager

If you can get to a tty please share system info … such as from here:
How to provide good information
but you can make it easier by using something like this as well:
[HowTo] use public command-line pastebin services without installing anything!

Which would mean do this and share the link:

inxi -Fazy | curl -F 'file=@-'

It looks like you have the nvidia-390 driver installed with an unsupported GPU ?

NVIDIA GF108 [GeForce GT 430] vendor: Gigabyte driver: nvidia v: 390.144

It’s the same driver series I’ve always used.

And oops its 3 not a 4 :sweat_smile:

So which driver should I be using

It looks like the only drivers available are the 390xx and 470xx. I’ve always used the 390xx but according to you and from what I read it doesn’t support my card. So what am I supposed to use?