Stuck on booting Live-systems


the last couple of days I’m observing a weird behavior while using the live images. Images because it seems to affect several editions. While booting they got stuck when
[ OK ] Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status is shown on screen.


  • Cinnamon works most times and boots fine.
  • KDE/Plasma booted twice,
  • i3 and Lxqt not even once.
  • But xfce behaves completely random. One day it’s working fine, the next it remains dead. Even if I don’t change anything.

What did I miss?

I downloaded all images from the official manjaro site, checked the downloaded files and created the live-systems with Rufus (3.13) as I did before. Everything went fine and I got no error messages. However I was a bit confused that I could not select the dd-mode in Rufus with the manjaro images.

I am currently using a HP computer and what I found on the web is that it seems to affect HP hardware a bit more often and seems not to be a manjaro specific problem. USB drivers are from San Disk, I have never had issues with this brand before.

Especially for manjaro the clossest post to my problem I found is: Live USB boot stuck at load/save RF kill switch status . But changing the USB port works only in very limited cases. For the non working editions (i3 and Lxqt) it has no effect at all.

Anybody with similar issues?

Addition 09.04.2021
After every attempt to boot into any live system had failed yesterday, today everything worked fine at first, i.e. even the erratic behaving xfce image booted directly and without any problems.
Then trying to boot the Lxqt image it got stuck at [ OK ] Finished Load AppArmor profiles managed internally by snapd.
After that nothing works anymore. All attempts to boot any other image stop at [ OK ] Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status or the before mentioned step.
The USB-sticks and the images thereon have not been altered. Trying different USB ports changes nothing either.

P.S. in case you wonder why I’m trying all the different versions: I want to figure out which DE works best on a 4k monitor and offers the best scaling options.