Stuck in Activities view


I’m relatively new to linux and Manjaro.
I’ve had an issue appear the last 2 days where I get stuck in the Activities overview.
Pressing the super key or clicking on apps doesn’t do anything. I can open other apps and they join the overview and I can close the apps from there too. But I have to logout or restart to fix it.

Any ideas?

Hello @bnymobile :wink:

That happens sometimes when the GPU is overloaded. At least in my case.

To solve it i press the keystroke :


and type: restart OR just r and press ENTER

It will restart/reload the gnome-shell without closing any apps.


Thanks, for the swift response, I’ll give that a try next time.
Is there a way I can verify that that is the problem?
Seems a bit weird, it’s a new laptop and I’m not really taxing the GPU. (at least I don’t think so)

Sorry, no idea how this could be verified, but it happens on my machine when running firefox in opengl mode and EGL enabled while having a gpu intensive game up and running. In that case it seems the animations seems to struggle when switching workspaces until it stucks.

It could be also possible that any extension is the cause this. :man_shrugging:

hmm ok, I don’t really game.
Last time it happened I only had the settings window open.
I haven’t installed any extensions yet :sweat_smile:
I’ve disabled animations, maybe that’ll help

Wow ! Your solution is great ! I’m dealing with that bug since one month with no great solutions : Activities in Gnome Shell broken with latest stable? - #8 by cyprien
You save my day ! Thanks !

OK, not 100% sure if this is the solution. But since I disabled animations I haven’t had this issue anymore.

In Tweaks>>General>> disable ‘Animations’

No, this doesn’t work at all. I get stuck in activities every time I accidentally launch it. Upper trick with ‘restart’ doesn’t work too because “Restart not available in Wayland”.

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