Strawberry Media Player Qt6 Theme Help

So I really need help with putting a dark theme to Strawberry media player, which has moved from qt5 to qt6. Quick info, I am running XFCE which had the qt5ct configuration tool set to use my gtk theme which was Shades of Grey and it worked great until the move Strawberry made to qt6. I had to install qt6ct, disable qt5ct in my .profile, and enable qt6ct. Well qt6 cannot use your GTK theme like qt5 could so you have to use what it offers. It is working, but I don’t know how to edit the themes or find more. The built in “darker” theme in the palette section is a great color choice, but is all messed up in Strawberry, menus are white, areas messed up, etc. While the “dusk” theme works perfectly and is a dark grey, but just not right with black text vs white.

I have been searching endlessly for custom .conf themes to use in .config/qt6ct/colors and I have only found a breeze dark theme that does not work. I’m truly lost as to how to edit, make, view or create a theme. I don’t know what to search. Searching qt5ct or similar style sheets takes me nowhere. There’s no graphic way to create your own theme, you must know the color code and where to place it in the file. I’m fully lost. I just want Strawberry to look good again, I can’t deal with this white!!

I keep trying to add a screenshot, but it won’t allow me. This is my first post since the accounts all got lost…!!

I see Qt6 settings (qt6ct) in pamac. Have you tried it?

Yes, that’s what qt6ct is. It’s fully enabled and working, but I have no idea where to find themes, edit themes, or modify anything other than what’s built into it. You can copy the built in themes to a .conf file in /.config/qt6ct/colors/ but it’s just a file with a ton of hex codes with no rational way to decipher what each one does.

Hi All,

There is a topic about this and it is qt6 related. This seems to be the root cause for these issues.