Strange window buttons for pamac-manager

I have weird window buttons for pamac-manger. Anyone else experience this?

I traced the issue to the file:


If I rename this file, the window buttons are correct. Weird that this only seems to effect pamac-manager. All other apps seem to have the correct buttons.

I located this file which is an exact copy.


There is a gtk.css file which includes the window_decorations.css file. I renamed the ~/.config/gtk-3.0 directory and restarted pamac-manager. It then recreated the ~/.config/gtk-3.0 directory. However, the new gtk.css does not include the window_decorations.css file… which does not exist in the new directory.

Is not a big deal to have multiple topics with the same issue and workaround, but honestly, search forum should be used before opening new topics and then self solve it …

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