Steam runtime and steam native both installed but loads on black screen

i am new at Linux and Manjaro is my first time trying to use Linux on a regular basis, i have downloaded and installed from the preinstalled software distribution on Manjaro the steam manjaro, steam native and linux steam intergration, i can open both versions of steama dn they do their final setup thing but both of them have the same problem, i get the login screen just fine and i can login no problem but when steam does open i have nothing in the screens inside of steam, any category in library is just a black screen except downloads but obviously everything is 0 there, any category in store is just a black screen, any category in community is black screen and any category in my username is all black screens, i have tried a few of the fixes that i could find online for mint, ubuntu and kubuntu but nothing has done anything so far, i have tried to change the settings to don’t save account credentials and participate in beta and that didn’t change anything, next i went to the pacman.conf to see if the the multilib was uncommented and it was, next i tried to activate the force run 32 bit mode for steam in the linux steam integration and that also didn’t change anything, so i am not sure what to try next

anybody got any ideas what to try next?

one thing that is in the back of my mind but i am not sure if it does make any difference is that because i am so new with linux it is only to try and learn it more so i installed it on one of my old vista machines and it only has a core 2 duo processor and from what i can remember it only has an integrated ATI gpu on it with 3gb ram, maybe that is my limitations because there was quite a few programs from the software distribution software that i was not able to get running but i wasn’t too worried about those since it was to try them anyway but steam i know i would use often.

Please post your system info as outlined here:

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